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My Life in Elementary

No description

Augusto Jang

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of My Life in Elementary

Teacher: Ms. Matthews and mrs. rugg
IN kindergarten, I remember that we had naptime. in that time, i didn`t like naptime, but now i wish i had it and that i could just be happy and play a lot everyday. i liked school because i could play as much as i wanted with my friends.
First Grade
Teacher: ms. meacham
i remember that i cried everyday in first semester just because i was afraid of mummies. ms. meacham would always be by my side to help me. one thing i liked in first grade was show and tell. we would change toys with one another and play until it was time to go home. i think ms. meacham was one of my best teachers i`ve ever had.
Second Grade
teacher: ms. tomaz
things i remember about second grade is that it was a very good and fun year. i didn`t have any big problems and ms. tomaz was super nice to me. until now, i think the best field trip was second grade`s, of when we went to the "cidade das criancas"(our class still did not go to wet`n Wild):). I made lot`s of friends that year that still are my friends today.
Third Grade
teacher: ms. deboer
in third grade, i had all of my best friends until lots of them moved. in school, church, and building. it was the year where i played most with my friends and was peaceful. time in third grade passed quickly and fast. i don`t have many things to say about third grade, but i will never forget anything about this year.
Fourth Grade
teacher: mr. buchanan
it was the year where most fun and bad things happened that i remember. i loved the marble jar treats that we had, the field trip to "cidade do livro" that was very scary when our class went, the parties, when my best friend moved to the other side of the world, etc. mr. buchanan was the funniest, and the "coolest" taecher i`ve ever had. he taught us things in fun ways and would give us prizes for people who would do well on something. When it was the last day of school, i didn`t want to get out of fourth grade.
Fifth Grade
teacher: Ms. deboer and mrs. stockment
i miss miss deboer and think of what she would be doing right now. i learned a lot of things in school, church and home. I made more friendships not just in school. mateus moved to the u.s. and i miss him too. for our field trip, our best one, we went to wet`n wild. it was super fun and we didn`t need to go to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my last year in elementary and i`ll miss it. I`ve had good memories that i`m never going to forget.
It was a long journey!
Middle School!
My Journey in Elementary
Augusto Jang
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