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Good Graphs

No description

Kate Baldwin

on 28 May 2016

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Transcript of Good Graphs

Kate Baldwin
Dec. 9th 2014
Bar Graphs
Pie Charts - 1801
Also William Playfair
Line Graph - 1786
William Playfair (1759-1823)
Scottish engineer
Circular Histogram - 1858
Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)
English Nurse
Histogram - 1895
Karl Pearson (1857-1936)
English Biometrician & Eugenicist
PhD: Cell and Molecular Biology
Patrick Masson Lab, Plant Genetics
Scientific Visual Communicator for Hire
Good data visualization is elegant
So intuitive that it seems obvious, but really resulted from clever innovation
--Logical units (not hundreds of minutes)
--Avoid many zeros (use 10¯³ instead of 0.001)
•Avoid Keys/Legends
•Prime Time: show the data you need
•Units & Axes
•Keep colors consistent
•Plot your scale appropriately
--Use logarithmic scales sparingly
--Use Excel's scatter plot instead of line
•Label the axes, usually title too.
Who am I?
Graph Appreciation

Science Graphing Tips
Decluttering an Excel Graph
using Adobe Illustrator
1. Copy and paste graph from Excel into Illustrator
3. Delete gridlines, boxes, & unnecessary elements
5. Using grouping and the alignment tools, cluster the bars.
Power Point
Grant Application
6. Color graphs to match document
and help the reader
--PNG files can have clear backgrounds
Where to get Vector Illustration Skills
Inkscape is a free alternative to AI
UW students get ALL adobe products for home computer for $234 a year (normally $599+)
UW faculty & staff get it for
$20 a year
DoIT Students Training Students (STS)
Free 1-time workshops in the evenings
Lynda.com online video software training (via DoIT website).
Hire a private tutor, like me.
Thank You!
Thanks to Gail Stir for organizing this seminar
You can find my contact information at:
Subtle Colors
•Keep the number of colors low
--Too many colors distract
•You do not need to use
for everything.
•Try different shades of 1 color
•Or, a coordinated color scheme.
2.Ungroup (ctr+u) and
Releasing all clipping masks (alt+ctr+7)
4. Select all (ctr+a): enlarge and comform font.
--Italicize mutants
--To move objects in only 1 dimension, hold shift.
This presentation is
linked on the Blog tab
Comparative Ophthalmic Research Laboratories and Ocular Services on Demand for the Pizza
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