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Unit 2 Review

No description

Christian Hardy

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Unit 2 Review

-State: ceremonial, symbol of the country
-Executive: sees laws are carried out
-Administer: director of fed. gov.
-Diplomat: speaks with other nations, negotiates.
-Commander: top person in the military
-Legislator: sets agenda for Congress
-Party: leader of his party
-Citizen: role model
2-Primary of Political party:
win elections
3- Impeachment charges:
House of Representatives
-Who holds the trial:
-5 Vacancy
-Vice President
-Speaker of the House
-President pro-Tempore
-Secretary of State
-Secretary of Treasury
-Secretary of Defense
-Attorney General
-9 The Presidential cabinet is the advisory body made up of the heads of the executive departments and other offices
-13 Term that best describes the president's selection for a vice president. A person who is from the same party, different region, age, group:
balancing the ticket
-6 Political Party's
is the formal statement of basic principles, stand on major issues, and objectives.
Unit 2 Review
-Impeachment: process to accuse someone of unlawful activity. Jonhson, Clinton.
Presidential Succession
: order by which a presidential vacancy is filled.
7- The
is all the people entitled to vote in a given election.
Mass Media
is the means of communication that reaches large audiences, especially tv, radio, publications, and the internet.
-10: President must be
35 years old
-must live in this country
14 years
-born in
this country
-14 Vice President:
-Presides over Senate
-Presidential disability
-attends funerals, activities that the pres is to busy for.
-15 President can only serve only
years or
2 terms
-11: 15th Amendment allows everyone the right to vote, can not be discriminated against. 19th-women
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