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3 Steps to Helping Kids

No description

Scott Harmon

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of 3 Steps to Helping Kids

Each of us Sees the
World in our Own Way
3 Steps to Helping Kids
with Autism and ADHD

1. Patience
2. Routine
3. Communication

Tools and Tips
Scott Harmon
Greenbrier Clinic
Greenbrier Clinic
Not All of Us
Notice the Details
Here's Your Sign
Our Behaviors are Determined by Our
Sensory Experiences
Why So Mad?
Hee Haw!
Sensory Processing Disorders
Sensory Avoider

Sensory Seeker
Stays away from activities like swings, slides, loud noises, sandbox, messy foods.

May become violent if these are forced them.
Tactile Defensive
Sensory Avoider
Risk Taker, Impulsive, Wiggles, Fidgets, Does not get Dizzy, Climbs everything, Everything in Mouth, Loves Messy Play, Likes Rough Play,
Sensory Seekers
First Then App
Don't Tell Me What To Do!
Freedom Inside the Fence
Lunch Time Chaos
Each of us does better with transitioning from one activity to another when we know what is coming.
Give a Heads Up
Time Timer
Give kids plenty of heads up on a change in schedule. Give sensory based instructions such as:

Singing Instructions
Change Lighting
Physical Object
Laser Pen
Prepare For A Change
Picture Schedule
Mom and Baby Communicating
Don't Be A Loser
Schedule Binder
Speak Slow and Soft
I Like Boxes
Great for Private Space
Christmas Lights in A Box
Firm Tap on The Shoulder
Timer is A MUST!
Lighting is Important
Body Sock
Heavy Work Activities
More Bean Bags
Trampolines Help
Light Table
Make Your Own
Children who are sick behave badly.
Clean Constantly
Did I Mention Timers?
Clean and Organize
Visual Overload
Don't Forget a Timer
Weighted Lap Pad
Weighted Blanket
Make You Own
Vision Can Affect Learning
And Behavior
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