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Career Ready Endorsement


Paula Clark

on 26 October 2017

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Transcript of Career Ready Endorsement

Career Readiness:
Preparing a Pathway
Student Success

How and why was it developed?
What does it include?
How do students participate?
CRE Student Metrics
Career Ready Endorsement
How and why was it developed?
Initiatives written by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education
Task Force
Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs
Academic Deans
Academic & Career Development Advisors
Resource Development
Financial Aid
Workforce Alignment
Early career preparedness
Busy traditional/non-traditional student population
Meaningful career building experiences
Indiana Adult Career Ready Standards
What is the Career Ready Endorsement (CRE)?
Career Ready Endorsement

What does it include?

Identifying strengths and interests
Researching placement potential and making connections with employers
Connecting with faculty to understand how to relate coursework to internships
Involvement in career development workshops and 1:1 office appointments
Connecting with community and college organizations
Developing workplace skills
CRE Student Metrics
# of new first time students
Semester GPA
# credit hours enrolled per semester
On campus involvement
Career Ready Endorsement
How Might We Help You?
Paula Clark, CA, Sara Dunlap, CA
& Dr. Heather Baker

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