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Maps & Legends

No description

Kingston Seagrove

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Maps & Legends

Tea is presumed
sweet (& iced)

BBQ is not just BBQ...
At a BBQ joint, these are "hushpuppies" and should come to your table w/o asking

(like chips and salsa)
...there's Lexington style (ketchup based)...
...and Eastern style (vinegar based)...
...."The Beach"
"The Known World" coincides roughly with the Atlantic Coast Conference...
...more specifically ...
...and universally ...
...and what do you do at the beach?
WARNING: this is just one slice
Central North Carolina
...and Legend of a "Sheriff without a Gun"
Part 1: Maps & Legends
The Triangle

Duke University
Durham, North Carolina
NC Cancer Hospital
Physicians Office Building
Parking Services Building
Old Peds Infusion
New Peds Infusion
...back in DC
...while there are instances of real innovation in Seattle...
ZGF-SEA 4th & Madison
(24th & 25th floors)

...and while there is banjo music in Seattle...

...some things
can be lost in translation
*a case for a field office...

field office conference room trailer clean trailer dirty trailer
(single-wide) (double wide) (triple wide) (double wide)
...and a conversation
about ubiquity...

"Get rid of it, Fred."
*a case for a field office
*a case for rootedness
...or embracing change?
Are these fellas rolling over in their graves?
Fitzpatrick Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences
Porsche 356 (Legend)

Black Sheep

One That Got Away

How can all 300 miles of beach be referred to as...
... NC has a few of its own...

Part 2: Plans & Specs.
<insert 19 ORs here>
( )
<insert jobsite trailers here>

*a case for a field office?
...back in DC
RFI 0963 P4: Electrical-back to back boxes in sound proof walls


Reference: Spec Section 260533.pg.10-5-A

Above referenced spec does not allow back to back boxes in a sound proof
wall. In the patient rooms, the TV's and most devices are back to back
since they are a mirror image of each other in most cases. Most of the
rooms have been roughed in already. There is approximately 2" between the
back of the boxes in one wall and 4" separation in the water walls. These
were in the mock-up rooms but were never commented on as to how this spec

Please Advise

*Designed by Spec.
Vespa (Leggendaria)
Where the buses are blue (& fare-free)...
...and fire trucks too.
2 Architects named "Fred"
If you don't like Fred's answer, ask the other Fred.
1. B.O.D. CW & SF sizes
2. Max. glass dims. (60sf)
3. Max. ACM (incl. shadowbox) dims.
59 1/2" w x 12'-0"h (confirm incl. returns)


"you guys"
Observations about working in North Carolina, in 2 parts:

Part 1: Maps & Legends
(to put the place into context)

Part 2: Plans & Specs.
(to put the work into context)

Basketball, Bluegrass & BBQ:
Building on ZGF Experience in NC

Field Observations from the Construction Phase of the
NC Cancer Hospital & Hillsborough Campus

When in Rome...

How can we do our best work long-distance?

"Sociotechnical Competency"
A system or theory to achieve joint optimization of both the quality of people's lives/well-being (Socio-)
performance/productivity (-Technical)

You can also ask me about…

Cornell Duffield Hall (L40121)
High humidity cleanrooms, door undercuts and condensation freezing
[North Carolina Cancer Hospital (S80523)]
Delivering a SBUX
Legionnaire’s Disease
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (D80591)
Steelworker Tributes
What it’s like to see the Red Sox play at Fenway w/ Jeff
What it’s like to work 7 levels below the Charles River w/ Jeff
Zebrafish research
Providence Everett Medical Center C-Wing Backfill (S80613)
Hospital Backfill
Chapel Design
University of Minnesota Physics & Nanotechnology Building (S40330)
High Bay Space
Where to meet for a drink on a 178’ cantilever over the Mississippi
[The Guthrie Theater by Jean Nouvel]
Mortenson VDC
Emory Health Sciences Research Building (D80820), and
Roof Ladders
Marble Hysteresis
Where to get the best Kitchen Sink Salad in ATL
[Hint: it’s at a BBQ joint]
Where to get a Belgian Beer on tap
[UNCH Hospital at Hillsborough (D80748)]
DOT highway signage
FEV/LEV parking discrimination

1 2 3
“reflecting an institution’s culture and goals and…closely knit into the fabric of its community…”
“…it appeared as though we were living in their skin as we responded to each inquiry and attended each meeting. They indicated that the choice was easy and unanimous based on the incredible body of ZGF’s relevant work, the targeted and focused responses to their request, and the belief that our values and approach were closely aligned.”
For those who took a seat at the table, check under you chairs for a door prize...
[You've learned what you need to learn here
and that's to ask the question.]
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