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Lesing 2B/Lecture 2B

No description

Derica Lambrechts

on 18 September 2018

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Transcript of Lesing 2B/Lecture 2B

Lesing 2B/Lecture 2B
Control Risks
Fat Tails
Fat Tails/Black Swan
“…events that appear highly unlikely to occur but that are earth-moving when they do. This is what I refer to as a fat tail…these kinds of events occur more often than we think…risk managers too often fail to include these kinds of events in their risk models. In some cases, the risk is considered too unlikely to occur to devote substantial time and money to studying it. In others, there’s simply a fatalistic attitude toward catastrophe…”

Fat Tails
Eurasia Group


Fat Tail and Black Swan
Bestaan "Fat Tails" vandag nog?/Do Fat Tails still exist today?
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