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:yvind J;sok

on 22 June 2017

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Transcript of PACE CYBORG

Thinking Differently - Adapting to the Cyber Context
Cyber Endurance - Coping in the Cyber Context
A conceptual framework
Communication in Socio-Technical Systems
Performance & Applied Cognitive Engineering
Cyber Operations Research Group
Stefan Sütterlin - professor in psychology
Kirsi Helkala - associate professor information security
Ricardo G. Lugo - lecturer in psychology
Benjamin J. Knox - teacher in conflict and development
Øyvind Jøsok - instructor in leadership

Populating The Hybrid Space
Factors to affect improvement in cyber officer performance. Information and Computer Security 2016

Populating the Hybrid Space: Self-efficacy and intuitive decision-making. HCI International 2016 Journal of Military Studies 2017
Exploring the Hybrid Space : Theoretical Framework Applying Cognitive Science in Military Cyberspace Operations. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2016
The Hybrid Space and the OLB-Model for science-based cyber education. Submitted to Journal of Military Psychology
Currently in production 2017

Macrocognition applied to The Hybrid Space: Science-based education for improving performance in cyber teams (HCII, 2017)

Team Workload Demands Influence on Cyber Detection Performance (NDM, 2017)

Towards a Cognitive Agility Index: Metacognition support to individual performance in the The Hybrid Space (Journal of Military Psychology)

An adaptation of the OODA-loop model in cyber operations: Implications for communication and training in a Hybrid Space
SPECIAL ISSUE: Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience (Autumn, 2017)
"...the human element represents one of the greatest untapped opportunities for increasing the effectiveness of network defenses."
(Forsythe, C., Silva, A., Stevens-Adams, S., & Bradshaw, J., 2013).
"The operational commander in 2035 will need to be as focused on cyber as on traditional environmental factors..." (UK MoD, 2015)
"...minimal attention being applied to understand and fix the human side of the issue." (Rajivan, P., Janssen, M. A., & Cooke, N. J., 2013).
"...the Human Factors community has begun to address human-centered issues in cyber operations, but...we have yet to scratch the surface." (Mancuso, V. F., Christensen, J. C., Cowley, J., Finomore, V., Gonzalez, C., & Knott, B. 2014).
"We begun to follow what was going on in the geopolitical world. What was happening in the general news." (Eric Chien, 2016)
How the Application of Coping Strategies Can Empower Learning. I: 2015 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference Proceedings.

Effect of motivation and physical fitness on cyber tasks. In Proceedings of HAISA 2015

How Coping Strategies Influence Cyber Task Performance in the Hybrid Space. Communications in Computer and Information Science 2016
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