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Welcome 2023

First day of 7th Grade Expectations

Mallory Mattivi

on 16 August 2017

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Transcript of Welcome 2023

Welcome 2023!
Voice Scale
Voice Off

Stairways, Transitioning on the 1st Floor
12 Inch Voice

Classroom, Before/After School Transitions
Whisper Voices

2022/2023 (Upstairs Hallway)
2023 has the privilege of using the iPads, Dell Inspirons, and Chrome Books.
You will be assigned technology in all of your core classes.
They will be used for educational purposes only.
You have a responsibility to your school and classmates to take care of them.
If you misuse/abuse the technology then it will be taken away and consequences will follow.
Cell Phones
If we see or hear a cell phone then they are "ours". Even if we can see an outline of the phone in your pocket... "ours".
Parents/Guardians will have to pick it up directly from the office.
You can check phones into us and we will have a locked cabinet.
You can keep your cell phone in your backpack but we can't ensure that cell phone's security.
Right Way
Wrong Way
Top: shirts without a collar, hoodies without a polo underneath
Bottom: jeans, knit pants, denim, leggings as pants, sweatpants, short skirts, gym shorts
Footwear: flip flops
Red or blue shoelaces or socks
No hats inside
Non-compliance: change in cafe or office, change back @ the end of the day
Core Class #1
You will begin the day with either Math, Language Arts, or Science
Lobo Block
Core Class #2
9:45 - 11:00
This is your second core class of the day.
Math Language Arts, or Science.
Lunch/Recess: Mattivi and Moreau
Lunch: 11:00-11:15
Recess: 11:15-11:30
Core Class #3
After recess you will have your third core class of the day. That class will either be Math, Language Arts, Science, or World History.
Core Class #4
World History or Science
This is the class you will be dismissed from at the end of the day. It is taught by your homeroom teacher.
This is your second elective class of the day.
This is going to be a class focusing on the creating of projects.
We will communicate more about this class in the next two weeks.
We will not start that class for two weeks. In the meantime we will be in our homerooms.
Expectations for
(7th Grade)
Top: Polos are plain Yellow, White, & Gray, Academy logo
Undershirts: yellow, white, & gray
Bottom: Khaki, Navy Blue, and Black slacks, Long Shorts/Skirts
Leggings: okay under skirt - navy, black, or khaki
Footwear: Anything but flip flops
Spirit Wear is okay as long as there is a polo underneath it.
Hoodies: Yellow, Gray, White, Romero Logo are okay as long as there is a polo underneath.
Sweatshirts: plain yellow, gray, white
Family Values Friday
12:45 - 1:45
This is your first elective class of the day and it is taught by the Specials teachers.
They are divided into Yellow and Gray days.
Instrumental Music, Digital Music Studio, Computer Science, Sport/Fitness PE, PE for Life, 2D/3D Art.

Presenter Voice

Classroom, when appropriate

Game Day
You may wear your jersey with a polo underneath but your pants must be uniform pants.
Pep Talk!
Recess/ Lunch:
Duff, Figeroa, Richter)
Recess: 11:00-11:15
Lunch: 11:15-11:30
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