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Countable & NonCountable Nouns

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Allison Crerie

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Countable & NonCountable Nouns

Countable and Non-Countable Nouns Allison Crerie
Katie O'Mara
Rachel Macleod And the use of articles Countable Nouns or "Common Nouns" Non-Countable Nouns or "Mass Nouns" Articles with Non-Countable Nouns Articles with Countable Nouns Our Activity Today - Can be pluralized - Cars, bananas, books - Can be counted with numbers
- 3 cars, 4 banana, 6 books - A singular countable noun requires a determiner.
- a/the car, a/the banana, a/the book - Cannot be pluralized
- Sand, air, music
- Requires measure words
- A pound of sand, some air, three hours of music - Read two poems about sand
-Compare & Contrast
- Select non-count noun of your choice
- Write two opposing pieces
*Must be same genre, length,
and depth.
* Must use noun as non-count and
count. -zero article or indefinite "some" -ex. water, some water
suitcase, some suitcases Mass-to-Count Noun Shifts -can make mass nouns countable by adding a unit of measurement -ex. tea, cup of tea sugar, spoonful of sugar Discuss How does changing the noun change the meaning? Which kind of noun do you think has more or less meaning?
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