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LAMS Roadmap

No description

Ernie Ghiglione

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of LAMS Roadmap

Further embrace TBL and other pedagogies

Weighted iRA, tRA

Peer review/evaluation tool

Improvements pedagogical planner
Simplify and improve UI and mobile support

Less pop-ups!

New skin

Responsive web interface

Completely Flashless interface (no more Flash for author!)
Improve IMS LTI support

Expose LAMS tools services as web services

Update entire Java stack
LAMS 2.6

WildFly 9.1 App server

Full Java 8 compliant

Clustering improvements

Ultra fast
Automate testing

Automatic regression & feature testing integrated with our continuous integration

Better documentation

Manual testing

Shorter release cycle!

LAMS Roadmap
What's next?
Improve integrations with LMS and web based services
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