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What Makes People Loyal?

No description

Sofia Fong

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of What Makes People Loyal?

What Makes People Loyal?
Sofia Fong B5
How do rulers get loyal people?
Will people who are loyal always be loyal?
If more people are loyal to a ruler, does it make the ruler a good person?
How do rulers get loyalists?
Some Rulers can get loyalists by being a good person, and having good qualities.
Queen Emma had many good attributes, and many people were loyal to her (Queen EMMA). She took great care of the environment, and even made a hospital to help poor people (Queen of Hawaii).
Will people who are loyal always be loyal?
If the ruler is a good person, then there's a chance the loyalists will.
In the book Michael Vey, the ruler (Hatch), had many people loyal to him. Later on, a lot of them betrayed him (Richard Paul Evans).
If more people are loyal to a ruler, does it make that ruler a good person?
Not necessarily. In Queen Emma's case, then yes because she had good qualities.
But in Hitlers case, that is a no! Hitler had many loyalists, and he was obliviously a bad person (Rise of Hitler).
It all depends if the person is getting loyalist by fear, or by having good qualities. People were scared of Hitler, so they obeyed him. Queen Emma's loyalists were loyal because they trusted her, and liked her.
What makes people loyal?
So... since she had many good qualities, she had many followers. She was willing to help others, ans she was selfless, therefore having more loyalists.
Hatch was not a good person, so he had many people betray him. In the end, not many people were still loyal to him.
You can become loyal out of fear, like Hitler. Or, you can become loyal out of trust, and good qualities, like Queen Emma. Loyalty can also come from bribery.
It all depends on what your strategy is. Some strategies work different with others, and some are more effective.
Usually if you get loyalists out of fear, like Hatch and Hitler, you will most likely get betrayed by someone.
In Conclusion...
Rulers can get loyalist by being a good person, by fear, or by bribery.
There is a possibility that a leader can be betrayed by their loyalists.
Just because a leader has more loyalists doesn't mean that leader is a good person.
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