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Road to Robertsfors

No description

Kim Nilsson

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of Road to Robertsfors

Deliver the youth experience of Robertsfors and the Northern part of Sweden.

Close connection to the main elements that characterizes Robertsfors; nature, sea, leisure

Free time during the evenings

Local facilitator that has connection to Robertsfors
And more preparation
How the should the action plan be formed?

What method should we adopt to the workshop?
Tuesday – Arrival day
Big plans!! = Rest day

Different timestamps of arrival = Diffrent "pitstops" to Camp Sikeå

Wednesday – Workshop 1
Thursday – Workshop day 2
Visiting from the Mayor

Work with the action plan with objectives as a starting point: activities connected to goals, indicators for every goal, description of target groups, who should do what and when the activities should be done

Videos made from each project partner
Friday – Workshop day 3
Final presentation of the local action plans

Alf and PAS to sum up the work on Local Action Plan

Top secret activity in the evening
More media from the project..
Local site:

Project Young Eyes, YE
Thank you for your attention!
Johan Eriksson, johan.eriksson@robertsfors.se
Kim Nilsson, kim.nilsson@robertsfors.se

Robertsfors Municipality
Development & Information
Storgatan 13
915 81 Robertsfors
Mirror workshop 4
31 may - 4 june

Alf + Ingvar Rönnbäck = On track!
Method: Logical framework approach (LFA)
Presentations of the local action plans from each municipality so far..

Walk about in Robertsfors.

Work with the action plans through the LFA method. Problem trees.

Assessment of each partners problem tree
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