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on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Global Education
....and its weaknesses
Dictionary: process of facilitating learning.

UNICEF: outcomes that encompass knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and are linked to national goals for education and positive participation in society

Cultural Bias: beliefs that the dominant or mainstream cultural ways of learning and knowing are superior (for and against)

cosmopolitan (respect for all)
civic (rights for all)
cultural (love for one culture)
anti-colonial (hate for one culture)
totalitarian (dedication to one party)

Whitewashing: selective removal of critical or damaging evidence or comment (incorrect translation, book burning, limited coverage)

Selective Omission: work to forget traumatic memories
Romanticized history -->
ignorance of cultural perspectives --> myopic worldviews

National solipsism

"I was the best slave...
Nazi Germany:
North Korea:
Teaching Methods/Curriculum:
Speak up:
Parental Disapproval of Education:
Lack of Education:
2000: MDG - "universal primary education"
2015: SDG - "ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all"
115 million children are out of school
Political - Cultural - Economic

Mass education: independent farmers -> passive tools of production (behavioral changes)

1. imposes obedience (working/general)
2. creativity & independence (elite)
3. subdue the great beast (people)
4. let audience gain picture of greater world
30-40 years:
-TV increase
-no respect for authority
-single parents

lack of supervision + lack of understanding = undisciplined & disrespectful children
"responsibility" of schools, relatives, social workers

-views (destination not journey)
-bored from academia
-no academic integrity
-$350 billion/year - rank bottom in math/science/geography
Moses & Solomon inspired American democracy
lack of LGBTQ coverage
lack of Native American history coverage
APUSH: removal of slavery and atomic bombings:
"condones civil disorder" instead of "promoting citizenship"
legitimizes neo-confederate arguments
relishes "legacy" of slavery
Post 9/11, US requested that Saudi textbooks remove sections promoting violence against Jews and Christians.
"In February of 1898 the North American cruiser Maine, anchored in the harbor of Havana, exploded. The cause of the explosion was never clearly explained and the North American authorities attributed it to Spanish sabotage."
"The Filipinos, who expected the Americans to champion their freedom, instead were betrayed and reluctantly fell into the hands of American imperialists."

"Although the Maine had been blown up by American spies in order to provoke the war, the public was not informed of the truth."
Hard time understanding neighbors' grudge over events from 30s and 40s

One sentence on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings
affected people ask for aid & criticize "failure to accept responsibility for having instigated and then prolonged an aggressive war long after Japan's defeat was apparent resulting on a heavy toll in Japanese, Asian, and American lives"
Textbook claims (regarding WWII): "the fundamental reason for the victory is that the Chinese Communist Party became the core power that united the nation"
beat American soldier dummies as favorite schoolyard game

claim US needed Korea as a bridgehead for Asia to attain world supremacy and spread socialism

"First we start by teaching that the American imperialists started the war" - "from that time on, the tragedy emerged by which our nation was divided in two" - "since then, our people had to endure the pain of living divided for a long half-century"
By 5th grade, children should be able to:
acknowledge and identify forces that may be working against Pakistan
demonstrate by actions a belief in the fear of Allah
make speeches on Jehad and Shahadat
understand Hindu-Muslim differences and the resultant need for Pakistan
India's evil designs against Pakistan
be safe from rumour mongers who spread false news
visit police stations
collect pictures of policemen, soldiers, and national guards
demonstrate respect for the leaders of Pakistan
Israel: Small Satan
United States: Great Satan
Blocks any websites referring to the Armenian genocide

completely written out of curriculum

pressured Germany to remove a reference of the killed 30,000 Kurds and 1 million Armenians from textbooks
Teachers examined and warned or driven out of positions

Biology: study of different races to 'prove' superority of Aryan race

History: glory of Germany

Sole purpose: train next generation of Nazi leaders
Textbooks required to "acknowledge and recognize the positive role of French presence abroad, especially in North Africa" despite blatant racism and their exploitation of North Africans as soldiers
remove crimes of "Stalinism", denied spying in the US and the Katyn Massacre in Poland

After Nikolai Yezhov fell from power, he was arrested, shot, and his image removed by the censors.
Reasons preventing enrollment:
trained in instructional methods
performance and factual knowledge assessment ability
deep mastery of subject matter
continuous mentorship/counseling
inspire love of learning
must believe in ability to help all students
awareness of school's role in pupil failure
require supportive governments, administration, principles
have lower secondary education
promotions not based on leadership skills
lack of textbooks/learning materials/technology
lack of funding: biggest threat
99.5% of teachers paid $485 to stock classrooms
used primarily as a screening device
improve student learning
ensure financial resources
determine between poor performance of one student vs class
provides incentive

"I am a deep believer in the power of data to drive out decisions. Data gives us the roadmap to reform. It tells us where we are, where we need to go, and who is most at risk."

Standardized tests not based on general knowledge, but textbooks created by testmakers: McGraw Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Pearson
group work imperative
gender/disability sensitive
deep rather than broad subject coverage
nature inclusion (NDD)
community-based learning
equal subject importance
child-centered (daily lives/interests)
multiple intelligences
democratic processes
critical thinking
student-student teaching
resource reduction
language: tool for social development (aural, speaking, reading, writing)
Life Skills:
attitudes, values, behavioral change vs health, hygiene, etiquette, vocational skills
safe environments (school/journey)
physical threats
sexual assault
physical/mental disability
grade decrease
lack of concentration
loss of academic interest
dropout rate increase
civil rights issue
speak up
descrive strengths, disability, needs/wishes
obtain help - FROM WHOM?
Caste system:
outspoken students seen as disrespectful
not to disagree with teachers
not to ask questions beyond what's being taught
not to admit when they are lost
to look like they understand every word the teacher says whether they do or not
to pass exams (not necessarily learn)
The aim of public education: "to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality"

Student empowerment --> citizen empowerment --> democratic power
lack of discipline
corporal punishment
pregnancy risk
lack of social promotion/employment
no parental respect
progressive ideas/ideals

Unwilling to make the investment:
"From a very early age, we are taught to break apart problems, to fragment the world. This apparently makes complex tasks and subjects more manageable, but we pay a hidden, enormous price. We can no longer see the consequences of our actions; we lost our intrinsic sense of connection to a larger whole" -5th Discipline

Realization of role in policy implementation, land and resource management --> re-prioritized education
"Once all the benefits are recognized, investments in the education of girls may well be the highest-return investment available in the developing world" -King and Hill
students are a force of positive change
no choice in life when money is motivational force
motivation ought to be passion
embrace individuality
figure out who the influencers are in the community and get them involved

Community Participation: stronger connection to local histories, social relations, and economic structures
clear and understandable policies
anti-discriminational policies
parental assessment
administrational assessment
governmental assessment
long term programs of development and reform
student-based result
community of learners/well-informed
invest in teacher-training
improve curriculum
eliminate school fees
material provision
end child labor
parent-teacher committee formation
increase girls' access to education
sexual reproduction
creative outlets: self-expression
life skills: inter/intrapersonal skills
foreign languages/communication
critical thinking
cross-cultural understanding
uneducated populous
ignorant religious beliefs
Have to meet health needs, mental health needs, after-school programs, summer programs, parent engagement, early-childhood services

Child Labor
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