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greg frank

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Bethany Camp
"Moving Forward" Campaign

Where we have been

Where we are now
"The Good Old Days"
Where we are going
"Big Dreams"
"Taking Steps"
Oak Ridge
Pine Ledge
Farewell Junction
Spruce Lane
Walnut Grove
The Barn
Walnut Grove
"Key People"
Warren Lewis
Warren Lewis
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson
David & Lucinda Lewis
Lewis Family
Merle & Doris Richardson
Dick & Linda Warnshuis
Stage 1
Cherry Hollow
Cost: $85,000
When: Fall-Spring 2016-2017
Pavilion Rebuilt
Cost: $40,000
When: Spring of 2017
TOtal Cost
"Picking up Speed"
Stage 2
Total Cost
Water Well
Why: Meet codes
When: Unknown
Cost: $10,000
Program Attractions
Why: To attract more campers
When: Ongoing
Cost: $25,000
Rebuild Oak
Why: Construct long term cabin
When: 2019
Cost: $90,000
Walnut Remodel
Why: Address wear and tear and make improvements
When: 2018
Cost: $10,000
gas well drilled
Why: Long term energy
When: ASAP (when funds are available)
Cost: $170,000
Stage 3
Total Cost
Rebuild Pine
Why: Construct long term cabin
When: 2021
Cost: $ 95,000
Foundation for Tamarack
Cost: $150,000
Walnut Grove
Built: Early 90's
Sleeps: 56
Plan to Remodel Fall 2017
Spruce Lane
Oak Ridge
Pine Ledge
Cherry Hollow
Hemlock Hill
Built: 1987
$40,000 remodel in 2016
Sleeps: 48
8 Private
Built: Late 70's
Sleeps: 24
Plan to rebuild 2019
Built: Late 70's
Sleeps: 24
Plan to rebuild in 2021
Butternut Glen
Rebuilt: 2015
Total Cost: $75000
Sleeps: 48
Built: Late 70's
Rebuild same plan as Butternut
Applewood Lodge
The Bistro
Staff Homes
Shop & Barn

Rebuild fall 2016
In 2004 We had 347 total summer campers
In 2004 we hosted Aprox. 1500 retreat campers
In 2016 We had 948 total summer campers
In 2016 we will host Aprox 3000 retreat campers
Fundraising Expenses
Why: Cost of funraising
When: Ongoing
Cost: $10,000
Tamarack Shell
Cost $660,000
Interior of Tamarack
Cost: $400,000
Ministry Center
Ministry Center
Why: More and improved meeting room space
Additional indoor recrational space
Improved office space
When: 2019-2022
Cost: $1,210,000
Fundraising Cost
Cost: $10,000
Greg Frank
2004 Camp Director
James Canterbury
2009- Maintenance Director
Butch Davis
2014 Program Director
Alyssa Cole
2016 Food Service Director
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