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Genius Hour Final Project

No description

tymir hill

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of Genius Hour Final Project

I am interested in cooking because I want to be a popular chef, I want to make enjoyable meals for the people, I want to know the basics of cooking, and finally it will keep my up to date on new recipes that people enjoy and I can make for myself.

Joe Randall
Chef Joe Randall is a veteran in the chef business . He has been in the cooking business for 55 years. He is respect among professional chefs and restaurant managers. he also teaches and guides other people who are interested in cooking. My question is to Joe Randall, is there a program ha you teach hat can help joiners chefs better there skills at cooking?
Special Topic
Who was the first female African American chef to get their work (cuisines and books) notice. Her was Edna Lewis? She was born April 13, 1916 and died February 13, 2006. She was born in Orange County, Virginia. My question is to her current relatives, are there any recipes that is currently used today in any meals y'all make?
Special Topic
Who are the top five black chefs in America? At the top of the list is Chef G. Garvin. In second place is Chef Angela Shelf Medearis who is part of a website called Hellobeautiful.com. In third place is Chef Marcus Samuelsson. In forth place is The Neelys who are also part of Hellobeautiful.com. In fifth place is Chef Edna Lewis who is also part of Hellobeautiful.com.
Is it still interesting
I am still interested in my topic. I say this because I enjoy learning about cooking with a passion.
I do feel satisfied with my research thus far. This is because I think that me doing research about the topic of my choice would make me want to pursue this as my career choice.
Genius Hour Final Project
Tymir Hill

Special Topic
What is the average salary of a professional chef? The owner-chef is highest paid person in the culinary world. This is with a culinary degree. They get paid about $79,000 on average per year.
Special Topic
What are the basic skills top chefs need to have? There are many skills top chefs need to have to become a great chef. This website has a list and a little more detail about the top skills.

Special Topics #4
How many years of training do I need to become a top class chef? Depending on what program people are taking in this field it varies. If you are taking classes in college it might take 1-4 years, but that also depends on what type of degree you want to have after you are finished.
Special Topic#3
Cooking/ Becoming a head chef
Why do I want to do more research about cooking than anything thing else that interest me? The reason as to why I want to do more research is because I want to be known across the world as one of the most famous chef/cooks who lived. In order to achieve that goal I have to learn the basic of how to cook and how to make people enjoy it. Furthering research on this topic means I have a better chance of getting to that goal. Research on this topic will also update my knowledge recipes that are very common yet delicious to the public. But before I can go into depth with this topic I have to answer this question, what are the benefits of being a professional cook?
Special Topics #1
I am interested in anime, cooking, snowboarding, chess, and business. I am interested in anime because it makes my imagination run wild after watching certain episodes. I am interested in cooking because it is one of my passions and it is something that I can really do. Snowboarding interests me because I like sports that involves snow and tricks( with no hands). Chess is interesting because it makes me think about my next move and it is a good way to think critically. Finally, business interests me because I want to know how to make money by having multiple companies. Those are somethings that interests me.
Would I continue my research?
I would continue my research in the future because I really want to but the information I have gathered to the test
The essential question
My essential question was answered because my special topic #4 told me that depending on what degree and what college you attend it would take 1-4 years to really become a top chef. But then again you have take the account of recommendations from the public
Who did this affect?
This affected people who want to be a chef because I gave them some background knowledge about becoming a chef. It affected them by helping them make a decision with the present information to continue to pursue this field of work.
Any variations in who this would affect?
The wasn't an change in the group of people this would affect because it specifically "talks'' only to the people who are interested in becoming a top chef.
Was the research difficult?
The research for this wasn't difficult because a lot of websites gave me information that was easy to find or access
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