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The Cycle of Creation: Towards a New Typology for Social Inc

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Rsm Coleman

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of The Cycle of Creation: Towards a New Typology for Social Inc

The Cycle of Knowledge & Identity Creation:
The Museum as Context:
The Museum as place, ba.
The Museum as contested space.
The Museum as Authority
Towards a New Typology for Social Inclusion in Museums.
The aquatic solution that bind us together,
Corporately, as a collective
Currents that move in society and are moved by society
Social Inclusion/Exclusion
Waves within society that build up society, that move it forward, often slowly making societal change.
Social Inclusion
Waves that tear at the fabric of society by strengthening one group over another. Often in reinforcement of status quo. Generally more noticed due to the negative association.
Social Exlusion
How do museums become Inclusive?
Museums & Inclusion
Accounts for broad social categories.
A Good Start
How do individuals create knowledge and identity both on an individual scale & and on a corporate scale?
But what about the Individual?
A Revision of the Typology
As Measured by:
Assessment of individuals' perceptions of inclusion within the museum
Assessment of local social systems as to the perception of community inclusiveness as a function of community health.
Assessment of changes in societal pressures over a long period of time.
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