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Ann H

on 14 September 2015

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What are my options after high school?
Career/Technical School
Trades/Apprentice Programs
2 Year Community College
Approx. $3,000 per semester
Smaller class sizes
May transition to 4 Year college
4 Year College / University
Public ~ $14-18,000/year
Private ~ $25-30,000/year
What are colleges looking for?
Acceptance is often based on GPA, ACT/SAT scores and high school curriculum. Many colleges have a sliding scale, such as:

ACT H.S. Rank % GPA
23 48 2.7
22 54 2.8
21 62 2.9
20 69 3.2
19 78 3.4
18 86 3.8
17 94 4.1
About National Testing
Most colleges accept either ACT or SAT scores
These test are predictors of how well a student will do in college
Scores are also used for merit-based scholarships
ACT is regarded as a curriculum-based tests, whereas SAT is considered more logical/intelligence-based
October 24
December 12
February 6
April 9
June 11

Choosing the Right School
SCC College Fair - September 30, 6-8p
SLU College Fair - October 11, 1-4p
FHN College Night for Juniors - April 26, 6-8p
Narrow down choices to 3 - 5 schools by beginning of Senior year
Take advantage of college visits
Visit with college reps at FHN
Consider College Characteristics
Majors & Educational Programs
Admission Criteria
Location & Size
Cost and Financial Aid
Campus Activities
Support Services
Compare Colleges
Make a college comparison checklist (see pp. 20-23)
Weigh advantages and disadvantages
Contact office of admissions
Schedule appointments for college visits (see pp. 17-19)
Visit www.collegeboard.com to help narrow the many choices
Applications & Deadlines
Narrow your choices
Review admission requirements
Know application fees & deadlines (pp. 5-7)
Know scholarship requirements (p. 15)
Submit application materials
Application for Admission (p. 24)
Recommendations (if needed)
Transcript Request Form
Apply early & check deadlines
Many are in Nov/Dec
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.
~ Dr. Seuss
College & Career Planning
Financing College
Determine college costs
Investigate ALL possible resources
Savings & Summer Earnings
Financial Aid
Financial Aid: scholarships, grants, A+, loans, work-study
Apply for aid early, but not before Jan 1st of your senior year
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Required by all colleges in order to receive any type of financial aid
Based upon parent and student financial info
Parents must be involved in this process
Do not eliminate colleges because of cost before receiving financial assistance info
Student Aid Report (SAR) usually comes in March
Attend Financial Aid Night - January 26, 6-7p
How to Use Career Cruising Today
Going straight into the workforce or military?
Use the Career Cruising
Employment Guide
Build My Resume

Going to college?
If you have no idea about career paths or college options, use Matchmaker to help identify interests
If you have chosen a career path but not a college, use Career Cruising to help identify potential schools
If you have identified multiple college options, use Career Cruising to compare schools
What Next?
Counselors will be meeting with all Seniors individually during the Fall semseter to check in on your progress:

Mrs. Schwarz A-Com
Mrs. Johnson Con-Go
Mrs. Woodrum Gr-H
Mrs. Kerr-Grant I-Mc
Mrs. Herman Me-Pa
Mrs. Faulkner Pe-Sp
Mrs. Moore St-Z
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