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Tweet Me, Tweet You: Using Twitter as a Discovery and Reflec

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Jeanne Bohannon

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Tweet Me, Tweet You: Using Twitter as a Discovery and Reflec

Tweet Me, Tweet You: Using Twitter as a Discovery and Reflection Tool
Theoretical Grounding: “Electronic communication is increasingly the medium through which we form and maintain our affiliations.” Jay David Bolter.

"Digital technologies are rapidly and continuously redefining the nature of literacy.” Don Leu

"Textobjects we make that circulate among others show back to us our embedded belonging in the humanatural world, show us our abilities to participate, show us how our senses are always entwined with there being sensible stuff, show us how our senses exist because there is sensible stuff"
Ann Wysocki, interview with
Hot Metal Bridge


In this community writing opportunity, students critically read crowd-sourced content, then synthesize that content to make their own meanings from it.
They research to find (or create) their visual representation and post both visual and meaning to Twitter using our community hashtag

Meanwhile, they also respond to each other in a discussion forum, using elements of rhetoric we have already learned to critique and self-reflect.
Finally, we participate in a flipped class, where students lead group discussion by evaluating and self-reflecting on their tweets and discussion posts, based on the rhetorical elements requested in the assignment.
Five Elements of Visual Analysis Through Lens of E-dentity

1. Aesthetics
2. Structure
3. Characterization
4. Meta-discourse
5. Cultural Impact

Integrate SoTL research into our field of rhetoric, use data to inform praxis.
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