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Decentralization Grants 2017 Seminar Presentation

The Decentralization Program is a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, made possible by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and administered by CNY Arts, a regional arts council serving Central New York.

Elizabeth Lane

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Decentralization Grants 2017 Seminar Presentation

How to Apply
Contact Us
Made possible with funds from the

Basic Eligibility
Nonprofit Organizations
NYS Incorporated Nonprofits
Agencies of Local Government
Individual Artists, Groups, Collectives, etc.*
*Fiscal Sponsor
Place of business or permanent residence must be in Cortland, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga or Oswego county -
where all grant activity will take place
Grant Programs
What do you need?
(315) 435-2158
Decentralization Grants
CNY Arts
2017 Cycle
Community Arts
Supports rich artistic learning experiences for public school students or adult learners
Arts Education
Individual Artist
Contact Us
Elizabeth Lane
Utica Town Hall
1 Kennedy Plaza
Utica, NY

Were in Utica!
Panel Process
Must NOT have applied directly to NYSCA or REDC NYSCA for 2017 funding (March 30 or July 29, 2016)

DEC Fund?
Artist fees for performing, teaching, or providing services
Marketing/publicity costs
Direct administrative expenses related to the proposed project
Expendable project-related supplies and materials
Project related travel expenses
Project-related rental of space and equipment
Project related technical fees
The sponsored applicant is limited to
requests in any combination of categories totaling no more than $5000
Pass through of funds to artist or collective
Sponsorship Agreement required
*Community Partner
Applicant will apply through their
- and funding will go directly to them
A letter of support is required
For accessible arts and cultural projects that enhance the cultural climate in our communities
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 4 PM
Award Amount:
Match Requirement:
50% cash and/or in-kind

November 9, 2016 4 PM
Match Requirement:
25% cash and/or in-kind
Letter of support from the school is required
FS | CP:
Artist can partner directly with school*
A commission to support the creation of new work with exceptional community involvement in the creative process
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 4 PM
$2500 | No Match Required
Must encompass a segment of the community through some form of feedback, response, interaction, etc.
*Artist applies directly
| County restrictions
Can submit
up to three applications
totaling no more than
$5,000 total
Panel Criteria
- project concept sophistication
- originality
- expand understanding of the arts/ creative process

- engagement of core audience(s)
- enhancing the larger community
- altering people's perceptions, values/behavior
- reach new and/or underserved communities
- accessibility (financial and/or physical)

FEASIBILITY (5 points)
- clarity of project
- reasonable plan for implementation
- demonstrated ability to implement
- strong evaluation measures
- artist experience
- outreach plan
- reasonable/achievable budget

This is a competitive panel process!
Panel Criteria
- artistic quality based on work samples
- rich artistic learning experiences
- clarity and appropriateness of goals and outcomes
- background/expertise of teachers/artists involved

- fosters emerging disciplines or increases opportunities for local artists
fulfills a cultural need or unmet need (geography, artistic discipline, communities engaged)
- school/community interest and support
- depth of interaction time
evaluation mechanisms

FEASIBILITY (5 points)
- clear, defined objectives and ability to meet them
- realistic / achievable timeline and budget
- capable artistic /admin staff
- clarity of proposed project
- demonstrated ability to implement
- effectiveness for plan to promote (outreach)

This is a competitive panel process.
Panel Criteria
- project concept sophistication
- originality
- expand understanding of the arts/ creative process

- engagement of core audience(s)
- enhacing the larger community
- altering people's perceptions, values/behavior
- reach new and/or underserved communities
- accessibility (financial and/or physical)

- clarity of project
- reasonable plan for implementation
- demonstrated ability to implement
- strong evaluation measures
- artist experience
- outreach plan
- reasonable/achievable budget
*Two available per county
This is a competitive panel process
Panel criteria for each specific program
Compliance with grant guidelines
Comprehensive budgets

Three rounds: Initial Ranking, Y/N, Panel Discussion/Funding Amounts
This is a competitive panel process!
If interested, please visit cnyarts.org/grants
-- Have someone not involved with the project or grants proof your application for comprehension
-- Create comprehensive budgets
-- Answer the questions simply, clearly, and concisely while using the panel criteria as a framework
-- Pretend
the panel knows nothing about your organization or project
-- Ask for feedback
-- If your strengths do not include rushing or working under pressure, try to start your application
as soon as possible, and have a completion your application at least a week before the deadline
-- Back up your work offline
-- Schedule a consultation with Grants Coordinator!
-- Schedule a webinar tutorial of the grants system
Application Tips
What DEC
Projects that are recreational, therapeutic, or rehabilitative as a primary purpose

At-risk/social service programs
General operating expenses
to the
general public
such as clubs or camps
Events that take place in
private homes or studios
Contingency funds
Lobbying expenses
Cash prizes, juried shows, fellowships, scholarships and awards to students
Programs in which children are used as professional artists (paid a fee)
Regrants by applicants to fund other activities

hospitality costs including food/drink
Activities that are "non-arts-related" including balloons, clowns, magic
Activities occurring in 2017.
Completed Application

Community Arts
Proof of Nonprofit Status
Recent Financial Statement
Board of Directors Affiliation List

Arts Education
Letter of Support from the Partner School/Organization (CP)
Lesson Plan
AND Nonprofit documents

Individual Artist
Proof of Residency

FS: Sponsorship Agreement
CP: Letter of Support

RECOMMENDED: Work samples, marketing samples, reviews, programs, videos, images, bios/resumes
Ensure Funding Reaches Every
Part of the State
- 149 applicants
- $627,439 requests
- 102 projects funded
- $191,940 awards
- Mean: $1719
- High: $3800 | Low: $500

Program Priorities
Communities with limited access to the arts
Projects that significantly engage members of the local community
Projects that demonstrate strong artistic merit
First time applicants
Program Priorities
First time applicants
Applicants that have applied and not received funding consecutively in the past two years
School districts in geographically isolated areas
School districts in low-income areas
Collaborative projects
Projects that include payment to artists for work
We're in Oswego!
Oswego County Office Building
46 E Bridge Street
Oswego, NY

Fridays: 9 AM - 2 PM
Classic Pitfalls
Clicking directly on links will direct you away from your application
Hitting the BACKSPACE key too many times will take your browser back!
questions do not all need to be answered

I should be sure that...
My budget balances

the request and does not exceed the limit or match requirement
I have uploaded all my required documents and checked the boxes
Any outstanding final reports are submitted
My legislative districts are correct and up to date
I use the guidelines as my

Wednesdays: 10 AM - 4 PM
October 2016
January 2017
December 2017
April 2017
July 2016
July - November 2016
Grants Application Portal Open

October - December
Funding Panels Meet to Review Applications

CNY Arts Board Approves Panel Recommendations (December 20, 2016)
December 2016 - January 2017
Grant Awards Announced (December 2016)
Contracts Distributed (January 2017)
2017 Funded Project Begin
Funding is disbursed for projects in first half of year
March - July 2017
Projects continue
CNY Arts Awards Ceremony (dependent on receipt of NYSCA funds)
Second half of funding is distributed
Final Reports Due 30 days after the last event of your project
The purchase of permanent equipment or capital improvements
State Universities of New York (SUNY)
Public/Private Schools & BOCES
Direct NYSCA Applicants
Applicants with outstanding final reports
activities that raise funds for other organizations, individual(s), or cause(s)
Administer $1.4 M in grants annually
8 grant programs; 224 grantees
Funded Projects serve over 900,000 individuals, youth, and families
Serve over 1220 artists
Program Priorities
Projects that engage
communities that are underserved by the arts
Projects that significantly
enhance the larger community
Projects that
demonstrate strong artistic merit
Projects from
first time applicants
Projects from
applicants that have not received consecutive funding in the past two years
Collaborative projects
Projects that include
payment to individual artists for work
Program Requirements
K-12 In School Projects
must be
, during the scheduled school day
After-School / Community-Based Learning
- after-school and community based settings for youth, adult or senior learners
Minimum of

hands-on, sequential, age/skill-based learning sessions with
In-depth, age and skill appropriate learning opportunities
Stated learning goals and outcomes; evaluation
Letter of Commitment/Support
is required from the school and/or partnering organization
Lesson Plan(s)
Operating expenses of privately owned facilities
galas, benefits, receptions, parties, fundraising events
Creation of textbooks or classroom material
Where to Start
GO Grants Online
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