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Yammer &

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on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Yammer &

Yammer is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN). With Yammer, employees gain a voice – no matter their job title or location. Yammer makes it easy for everyone to share ideas, offer feedback and help make the organization better together.
Better Communication
Connect everyone in the organization to improve internal communication. With Yammer, employees, managers and executives can participate in
two-way dialogues
, driving engagement throughout the whole organization.
Social transformation to change the way people work
is using Yammer as the basis of a dialogue-based communications paradigm that’s revolutionizing how employees work with each other and, increasingly, with customers.
"Yammer has definitely helped to retain that sense of community especially when we moved into different cities and different locations.”
Head of Employee Programs
Key benefits of
social-media-led employee engagement
5 steps to increase Employee Engagement with Yammer
Yammer &
Employee Engagement

What is
Tighter ties.
People connect across teams and offices – even when working remotely.
Stronger engagement.
Better communication means deeper business insight for everyone, from the front-line employees to executive leadership.
More efficient workflow.
Employees save time by collaborating in public and private Yammer Groups.
Reduced email.
Efficient communication replaces a scatter-shot broadcast model.
A rapidly expanding boutique vintage retailer, ModCloth needed a way to reduce duplicated work and quickly onboard new hires. With
Yammer, the User Experience team was able to save weeks by sharing their idea for a user survey on the network and quickly discovering
that the Social Team had already completed one. Additionally, over 90% of employees are on the network and it’s helping new hires quickly get up to speed.
of new employees get up to speed faster
of Yammer users communicate more effectively
improvement in access to experts with Yammer
2010 Yammer User Survey
“More than any other technology or project, Yammer represents the soul of LexisNexis,” observes Human Resources Director Laurie Hibbs. “It actually lets you see the reality of what it is to work at our company. That’s a major benefit, since it enables senior management to understand what people on the front lines are thinking – and conversely, for people like sales reps to understand what management is thinking.”
– best practice can be shared instantly, questions answered and a sense of teamwork and sharing is engendered.
Cultural change
– there is an opportunity to stop being top-down and to give more autonomy to employees and let people share their passion for the business. Peer-to-peer positive messages can be more supportive than top-down.
People work in silos
– they only form narrow networks within companies, and so the opportunity for the cross-fertilisation of ideas is lost. A social media approach would make it easier to break down these barriers and network across the whole organisation, even via geographically-dispersed teams.
Increased trust in the organization and a clear sense of what it wants to achieve
can be created through conversation rather than broadcasting.
In recruitment terms
the next generation of employees will be attracted to organizations that communicate internally and externally in the way that they, the workers, want to communicate.
Internal community and discussion will seem natural to them and this could be a source of advantage for businesses in terms of attracting talent.
Meshing internal community with information from the internet would aid global learning –
finding best practices and lessons from around the world
and then discussing their potential implementation internally.
Recruit an Executive
An executive sponsor can help clear the path for those who are hesitant about trying new technology at work and can even champion the initiative. Find an executive who is particularly passionate about driving change in the organization or social tools in general. Provide your sponsor with regular updates on your progress, the value you’ve gained, and any challenges you are facing.
Recruit an Executive
Invite colleagues
Connect with active member
Work out loud
Highlight Successes
Invite colleagues from your team and other departments
Loop your colleagues into the conversation by inviting them to join your network. Set up a Yammer Group for your team, share notes from meetings, collect comments on documents, and provide updates on your projects. At your next team meeting, take the opportunity to do a Yammer overview to help them get started. Use the group to manage team projects to get everyone involved.
Connect with other active members and create a community of peers
Share ideas with one another and set a strategy to help others embrace this new way of working. By reaching out to others who are active Yammer users, you will find an untapped pool of success stories and a group of like-minded individuals who are working towards the same goal as you.
Work out loud
If you’re brand new to Yammer and want to set the example for others in your network, try working out loud. What do we mean by working out loud? Share working drafts of your documents and ask for feedback from peers. By sharing projects as you work on them, you’ll find more opportunities for collaboration. The more feedback you receive the more polished the final product will be.
Highlight successes
There is power in recognizing the success of others. A great way to easily find accomplishments is to encourage your team members to hashtag valuable conversations with #yamwin. This makes it seamless to showcase successes in the future.
Yammer Network*
1349 Yammer Users
107 Groups
Most Active Groups
#1: Employee Wellness
#2: CIS
(Private Group for Controller Information Systems Division)
#3: Open Government - Open Data

*Last 90 Days
Past 28 days on Yammer:
40 New Members
432 Messages
78 Files
3 Notes
Top Public Groups
Women in County Government
Open Government-Open Data
Employee Wellness
Yammer 411
Government Technology
*as of 1/22/2014
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