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Using ILL Data to Make Important Collection Devlp Decisions

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Brandon Lewter

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Using ILL Data to Make Important Collection Devlp Decisions

How can interlibrary loan data influence collection development decisions?
Interlibrary loan was not an integral part in collection development for quite some time at CofC.
Areas to Influence
Journal/database purchases
How to Gather
the Data
ILLiad web reports
Copyright Report
Important Data
Copyright costs
Using ILL Data to Make Important Collection Development Decisions
What data are important to collection development?
How do you gather important data using ILLiad software and components?
Examples of collection development decisions made at the College of Charleston using interlibrary loan data.
What brought about the change?
Firm order allocations
Book purchases
Embargoed journal purchases
Use ILLiad web reports or custom searches to supply information to influence...
Journal requests, organized by title
Requests canceled because item requested is too new
Book requests, organized by title
Requests organized by department
Who you borrow from
Custom searches in ILLiad Client
Embargoed Journals Report
Requests by Department
Most Requested Loans
Requests by Department
Who We Borrow From
Embargoed Journal Titles
History Department Requests
Custom Search by Department
Most Requested Journal Titles
Copyright and Embargoed Journal 2012
Copyright 2012
Over 18,000 transactions in 2014
And probably more!
Offsite Storage
Serial cancellation
Brandon Lewter
Interlibrary Loan and Reference
College of Charleston Libraries
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