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8th Grade Registration Presentation

No description

Alyssa Belko

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of 8th Grade Registration Presentation

Welcome Class of 2022!
FHS Counselors
Barbara Walker (A-Di)
Louise Usanase (Do-Je)
Alyssa Belko (Ji-Mo)
Jerry Pfau (Mu-Se)
Chelsy Newman (Sh-Z)
Course Registration Materials
2018-2019 Registration Guide
Registration Worksheet
Trimester System
3 trimesters
5 periods per trimester
15 classes per year
2 trimesters = 1 year-long course (Exceptions: Advanced Placement, Music, and College in the Schools)
School day 8:20 - 3:05
Zero hour 10th-12th Graders
Sample Schedule
Sample Freshman Schedule
Credits for Graduation
English 8.0
Mathematics 6.0
Science 6.0
Social Studies 8.0
Health 1.0
Physical Education 2.0
Fine Art 2.0
Electives 22.0
Grade 9 Courses
English 9 or Honors English 9
Physics 9 or Honors Physics 9
Civics 9 or Honors Civics 9
Physical Education
Electives (6)
We are excited to have you at FHS!
Course Selection
What about honors?
What about Advanced Placement?
College Preparatory Requirements
Career and Technical Programs
Schedule Correction Guidelines
One week before each trimester begins, there will be a five day schedule correction period.
All corrections must be made before the trimester begins and will not be made after the trimester has begun.
All requests for corrections require parent approval, and forms are available in the 3rd floor office (Counseling Office).
Your choices = Master Schedule
Corrections must be for educational reasons only.
See page 9 for detailed information.
Online Registration
You must register online after you have completed the registration worksheet. There is a link off of the district website as well as the main high school website.
Registration window:
Registration worksheets need to be returned to your teacher by
FHS Online Registration!
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