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The War of Malice and Equality in America.

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Marc Alvarez

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of The War of Malice and Equality in America.

The War of Malice and Equality in America.
Malice and Equality
5 Important Facts About Malice and Equality
Total war destroyed most of the South,this act was stained with malice.
People thought that 618,222 men died but now it is 750,000 deaths
Emancipation Proclamation frees all slaves in the South and helps the slaves with equality
The Freedsman's bureau helps protect African American rights
Reconstruction helped toward a more equal society
Both sides wrangled with malice about the equality of slaves.
The North wanted slaves to be free,but the South refuted that.
Neither side wanted to give up their reason for fighting .
The two sides battled with malice to see who would win.
What did the war change?
It changed the way African Americans were treated.
Since they had gained equal rights African American were considered equal to everyone.
Also the war changed how families got separated in choosing sides and most of the horrible things in the war were gone.
What did the war not change?
Though African American had gained their rights there was still racial discrimination towards them.
Also although the war had ended the North and South still arued on many things
Malice is a evil intention towards something or someone
Equality is having same rights as everyone else
In the 1800's slavery was huge in the south this made the slaves unequal
Total War
Total War was a strategy that basically demolished the Southern Land
Reason for Starting and lasting as long as it did
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