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2017-2018 Big Ideas Final Round Kickoff

No description

Blum Center

on 20 February 2018

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Transcript of 2017-2018 Big Ideas Final Round Kickoff

Pre-proposal Stage
Pre-proposal Deadline
November 15
Full Proposals Due
Wednesday, March 7
12pm (PT)
Final Round
Full Proposal Stage
Finalists notified
in mid-December
Mentorship Roles
What are the Judges Looking For?
Measuring Success
Project Viability:

Phillip Denny
Adrienne Chuck
Francis Gonzales
People's Choice Video Contest
Open for entries April 9 - 16; Voting open
April 23 - 30
Notification of Awards
Editing Blitz
March 5 & 6, all day
Big Ideas Office & Skype
Connected Communities
Mandatory Poster Session
April 5
Atrium of SDH
Grand Prize Pitch Day
April 25
B100 Blum Hall
1-2 hours per week of committed support

Support teams by:
making connections
providing critical feedback on project ideas
reviewing judges' feedback
brainstorming additional funding sources, etc.

Maintain strict confidentiality
Review Mentor Handbook

Jointly fill out mentorship agreement

Discuss primary areas of concern/areas for improvement

Agree on communication type, style, and appropriate response times
Share and discuss the contest rules, full proposal requirements, and judging criteria with your mentor

Share and discuss your pre-proposal judges' feedback and your pre-proposal draft

Initiate meeting topics and be proactive about getting your mentor's feedback in areas that are most important to you.
Full Proposal Writing Workshop
February 7
B100 Blum Hall & Skype
2017-2018 Final Round Kickoff
Contact Information
Awards Celebration
May 2
B100 Blum Hall
Awards Stage
Community & Market Familiarity:
Potential for Impact:
Realistic Budget:
Measuring Success:
Quality & Creativity: 10

Tips for Successful Mentorships
Mentors are...
Experienced in specific areas of the team's expressed needs
A resource for ideas, connections, feedback
Busy professionals volunteering their time
Mentors are not...
Project team members / contributors of extensive proposal writing and research
The only source of expertise or technical knowledge
(based on past feedback)
Teams should take initiative
Use the Mentorship Worksheet to set clear goals
Establish work objectives, plans, and deadlines from offset
Regular meeting times, communication modes, and efficient knowledge sharing channels
Review contest rules, criteria, and pre-proposal feedback
Prepare for each meeting
Leverage mentor's expertise
Provide constructive feedback! Ask questions and challenge assumptions
Ensure ownership stays with the team
Piktochart (infographics)
Balsamiq (mockups)
Mural.ly (visual collaboration)
Business Model Canvas
Authorea (research)
Creately (diagramming)
Project Management

Google Hangout
Overview of Mentorship Period
6 weeks - now through deadline (Mar 7)
Matched based on expressed needs, skills, or technical expertise
Mix of remote and in-person matches
Additional opportunities for advising / support offered throughout period
All resources in Mentor Handbook & on website
Turn in Mentorship Agreement by Feb 1
At any point, let us know if concerns arise!
Contest Kicks Off

Final Round Kickoff
January 21
5:00pm PT
B100 Blum Hall & Online
Full Proposal Elements
Proposed Innovation
Problem Statement
Existing Solutions
Past Progress
Implementation Timeline
Plan for 1st year of implementation
Outlines expected expenses and revenue for 1st year
Funding request no more than $10K
Means of monitoring or measuring the impact of your project
No extensive M&E systems needed
Can be basic metrics tracking methods
Advising Hours
Legal Entity Workshop
February TBD
B100 Blum Hall
Expanded Advising Hours
Big Ideas Office & Skype

Team Bios
Report on project progress since the time of the original award, and detail any milestones and accomplishments.
Key lessons learned and best practices, and pivots or strategy revisions.
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