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CultureShift: embedding technology in staff and student practice

International Education Symposium. Glasgow College. (3 Oct)

Deborah Kellsey Millar

on 2 November 2017

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Transcript of CultureShift: embedding technology in staff and student practice

Deborah Kellsey Millar
Case Studies...
To provide our learners with an outstanding learning experience,
through the
creative use
digital technologies
motivate, stretch
learners to
reach their potential
, now and in the future, so they develop the
digital skills
that equip them for
or higher study.
Head of Digital Learning & IT Services
Student capability/confidence

A very, shy Level 1 student recently moved to UK. Speaks English as a second language.

Uses digital resources to translate and ensure that she has a voice in a debate and in class discussions.

Enables her to feel confident when participating when articulating ideas in online group discussions

What have been the benefits of using digital resources?
I can learn from anywhere when I'm on my phone
I am 2 assignments ahead now
I like the variety of links
Salford College of Further Education
Salford College of Further Education
behind the statistics
Learners can access Canvas remotely via any device with WiFi. Evidence below shows that students are accessing content throughout the day/night/early hours.
09:00 - 16:00
physical attendance
at college
Page views
09:00 - 16:00
physical attendance
at college
Page views
1. Digital Pedagogy:

Provide all learners with access to high quality teaching, learning and assessment that extends beyond traditional learning methods, were the use of digital technologies enhance the learner experience and are seamlessly integrated at every stage of the learner journey. Embed digital learning to achieve a fully blended curriculum offer, with directed study forming an integral part of the study programme.
2. Learning spaces:
Improve the quantity and quality of technology-enabled learning and social spaces, and integrate, evaluate and promote the use of technology across workshops, classrooms and digital learning zones. Create fluid spaces that allow flexible use and accommodate different modes of learning, and encourage community access, to provide a resource for Salford residents to develop their digital skills.
3. Technical environment:

Implement a sustained programme of investment, to establish the appropriate IT infrastructure, systems and virtual environment that supports and enables the achievement of the strategy, with sufficient resilience that minimises business interruption and offers an appropriate level of longevity and future proofing. Ensure core systems and services are better integrated and designed to provide a more supportive, intuitive and collaborative learning environments.
4. Resources:
Create an appropriate structure that harnesses the synergies between the existing LRC and ITS services to offer a coherent, responsive and well-resourced service, where team members are competent and adequately skilled to deliver the strategic aims. Build capacity and expertise within the structure, to support implementation, CPD & skills development, instructional design, a transformative VLE experience, high quality content curation & development and innovation.
5. Digital Literacies:
Develop the digital literacy of both staff and learners through the development and roll-out of an effective CPD programme and weave digital learning in to all learning activities/object, so learners and staff acquire the skills to thrive in learning and working environments. Develop initiatives that foster collaboration and peer learning between all groups and ages, and engage students in developing the digital skills of the wider community.
6. Collaboration and Partnerships:
Contribute to networks, forums, working groups, research & development initiatives and consortiums to: share and develop resources; exchange expertise and promote best practice; promote collaboration; build on the existing body of knowledge and enhance the reputation of the College.
7. Innovation & Quality:

Develop a quality and performance management system that sets baseline standards and measures the impact of the digital learning, providing learning analytics to inform individual learning plans and early intervention. Set KPIs that report on department and individual staff performance and help inform the CPD programme.
Our Aims
Networking/donated resources

Staff member set up a Twitter account for the course/department. Local company saw the engagement on Twitter.

The company started to interact and recently donated £16,000 worth of resources to the course.
Professions are no longer geographically constrained
e.g. Surgeons in the United States removed the gall bladder of a women 6000 km away in France without even setting foot on French soil.

A robot pharmacist processed 2 million prescriptions with only one error during a period of one year
, whilst the US population of human pharmacists drug errors amount to approximately 37million each year.

Susskind & Susskind (2015)

the world outside education
Engagement & Achievement

Functional Maths engagement.
Jisc #LeapintoMaths

Level 1 Sports Student
Confidence building

SAM, short for Semi-Automated Mason,
Technology should be
integral to teaching and learning

Should enable us to deliver deeper, faster, more relevant learning

Should make the institute a desirable and flexible place to study

Should enable students: to find information, to create, to critique and share knowledge

Should bring joy and engagement, some fun and playfulness

Should enable them to learn inside AND beyond the classroom

Should enable staff to create more stimulating and interactive lessons

Should provide further opportunities for collaboration on global level

Should inject more fun - ultimately making their lessons more exciting and interesting to deliver

Current resources 'available' at Salford College...
Which of the these technologies are in in place at your institution?

Training/development is more important than the initial purchase.

We need to consolidate. Reduce number of resources. Learn to use, and exploit flexible, reliable tools. Students need teachers to be capable of using tech confidently and effectively.
Annual Research identifying 10 emerging technologies
that will impact on education over the next 5 years...
Research by New Media Consortium (2013)
750 technology experts from colleges and universities in over 40 countries
Highly Commended 2017
Highly Commended 2016
A digital vision and strategy should be written collaboratively by a well informed team (diff roles incl. students), influenced by Jisc, and best practice across the sector.
Realistic investment and IT infrastructure to realise the vision.
Creative team with specialist enthusiasts to implement.
Reliable, flexible CORE supported digital resources
Digital Resources...
Online Digital Induction

50+ now available 24/7/365 to staff and students on the Canvas Dashboard e.g. Anatomy TV, Issues Online, DigiMaps, Digital Theatre.

Creating instructional films for BLC (17), Whirlpool, SCC, Prince's Trust.

range of short self help edtech videos/guides...

144 SCC DigiBites now available

100+ more via our other digital resources

Weekly Golden Hour

Staff CDP
In DLIT team have delivered 222 (officially recorded) CPD sessions to 2,444 attendees since Sept 2016 via 1-1/group CPD sessions e.g Breakfast DigiBites.

LearningWheel/Canvas Badges...
12 LearningWheel badges - 3 levels within each mode of engagement Level 1 (Badge 1-4). All staff to achieve before Summer 17. Incentivised through PSP Xmas bonus, linked to appraisal process.

Current results...
Our Vision
Is your curriculum fit for for purpose to support learners and apprentices to access employment not just next year but in 5 - 10 years?
: DigiHour part of Study Programme - Level 1 and below - 1 hour of digital independent learning. Level 2 and above - 2 hours.
: Golden Hour each Wednesday to pursue CPD.
:18 Digital Leaders remitted from 3 hrs teaching, 9 DLFs, 3 DigiPals.
to enhance learning experience

International Digital Education Symposium 2017
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