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Johnson & Johnson

No description

Imani Jahaan

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Johnson & Johnson

A FAMILY COMPANY Credo Founded in 1886
Robert, James, and Edward
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Drug Manufacturers made up of :
Consumer Market – healthcare products
Medical Devices and Diagnostics – used by healthcare professionals
Pharmaceutical – research & development of unmet medical needs
Johnson & Johnson was more than 250 companies located in 57 countries around the world. Background of
Johnson & Johnson Well-Known Brands SWOT Analysis Strong brand image
Presence before the 20th century
Strong customer loyalty
Strong diversification from competitors Strengths Expiring Patents
Production of generic drugs
Expense of research and development
Expiration of certain drugs that brought in large profits in recent years
Recalls Weaknesses Acquisitions similar to Pfizer
Further Expansion in Medical Markets
Expansion of Product Innovation and Global Development Opportunities Mature Market, Low Growth
Restraints: Quality and Regulation
Lower Priced Competitors
Competition with Generics
Future of Biotechnology Threats Dividends Consumer Sales High cost of goods sold
Increase in upgrades, protection, and acquisition fees
One time costs for Synthes
Litigation, research, integration
Johnson and Johnson have had issues with certain products
Stapler Devices (major recall)
Limited supply on store shelves Cost Issues J&J have recalled 157,000 stapler devices
Used to remove hemorrhoids
High risk issues
They have been seen to be having malfunctions
Fatal results if failure to fire correctly Stapler Devices J&J looking to create innovation centers to cut down on recalls
Increase customer satisfaction
Experiment with innovation, research, and design
Brings entrepreneurs and innovators together
Entrepreneurs at universities
Start-up biotech companies Fixing Recalls Social Responsibility
Continuous investment in innovation and research and development
Expansion of its operations in emerging markets
Pending products for
Diagnosing cancer
mental health disorders
heart diseases
HIV Expansive orthopedic portfolios worldwide
Exposure in emerging markets like China, Russia, and India. Emerging markets Johnson & Johnson is a dominant industry leader and an iconic company in American culture

While knowing JNJ’s:
strong focus on research and development and innovation
strong fundamentals originating from diversified product portfolio
strong brand profile
presence around the globe
stringent market position
substantial cash flows

We believe that if any risks arise, the company is well-positioned to deal with any instability in its operations. Future Prediction Three Years From Now Stock price may slightly decrease
Investors may be turned off by recall
Company’s cost may increase due to litigation costs and innovation costs
Loyal investors and customers will continue to buy J&J’s stocks and products
Buy stock believing profits and quality will increase in the future One Year From Now Predictions Cont. Stock price will increase
In future years costs will decrease after litigation and innovation costs diminish
Recover from recalls
Strong supply stock on store shelves
Remain financially stable and have a strong financial position due to new drugs and acquisitions In future years:
Company should have less recalls. Invest more in providing quality products that satisfy and meet needs of consumers.Use previous recalls as learning tools.Obtain more acquisitions and invest in new drug development Board of Directors Stock Price Dividend growth star
Dividend streak of 50 consecutive year
Johnson & Johnson




61,897.00 58,986.00



50,009.00 Pfizer Dec 2009 Dec 2010 Dec 2011 Dec 2012 Caring for the world, one person at a time...
inspires and unites the people of Johnson & Johnson. Care inspires Care
Fulling our commitment to Millennium development Goals
The J&J Campaign for Nursing's future
Strength for caring
Safe kids worldwide
Because we care, We act
Having a baby changes everything Internal Culture We provide support programs and services to help our employees and their loved ones live healthier and safer lives.
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