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Primary Productivity

No description

Mark Van Arsdale

on 21 July 2018

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Transcript of Primary Productivity

Primary Productivity: When nutrients and sunlight meet
Rapid growth of a lot of plankton = a plankton bloom
Plankton (here indicated by chlorophyl, tends to be concentrated in very specific places
A plankton bloom = nutrients + sunlight
Bringing nutrients to the surface requires upwelling currents
Without the CE, air would rise as its heated and fall as it cools. With the CE it is deflected, creating prevailing winds
Ekman Transport: Water beneath the surface is also affected by wind, but the movement is more complicated
Water moving away from the coasts causes upwelling as deep water moves to replace surface water
The Coriolis Effect: Ocean wind is all about spin
Nutrients (such as N, P, and Fe are powerful limiting factors for plants, algae, and plankton
The distribution and abundance of species can be controlled by these factors
Surface space
What factors affect living things in the ocean?
Can you see the upwelling?
What is the physical factor that gives it away?
Nutrients are found in higher concentrations at depth
What does this have to do with plankton?
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