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21st Century Classroom

No description

Susan Rodriguez

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of 21st Century Classroom

Use as many as necessary
What will our students need to know to be successful when they graduate high school?

Write ideas on sticky notes.

Categorize all the sticky notes.

Share out.
Success Starter
Back then....
Imagine the tools you had when you were your student’s age.

What will they need to be able to do to adapt to new tools when they are your age now?

What if, instead of focusing on the current tools of the mobile classroom, we hone in on skills?

The 21st Century Skills.
Think back.....and ahead
CC Buzzword: Evaluate
Ask questions that require more than "yes" or "no"
Ask "why" and "what makes you say that"
Bloom's Taxonomy (instruction)
Depth of Knowledge (assessment)
Sticky note activity is an example
Embed, embed, embed
Students need something to think critically about. It cannot be taught in isolation.
Critical Thinking
21st Century Skills
Partnership for 21st Century breaks the 21st century skills into 4 main groups: 4 C’s
21st Century Skills = 4 C's
21st Century Classrooms
Preparing our students for successful futures
Working Together
Fifty years ago, much work was accomplished by individuals working alone, but not today. Much of all significant work is accomplished in teams, and in many cases, global teams.

Work in pairs
Work in triads
Assign roles
bow-tie example
Speaking and Listening
Show and tell
Presentations/Retell of story
Producers; not mere consumers
Formative Assessments
Voice and Choice
You offer a menu of choices
Tailored to strengths (passions)
Write a song/poem
Blog or Weebly
Film a video
Make a poster/artwork
Engineer a solution
Free choice (teacher pre-approval required)
Critical Thinking
Learning Goal: I will teach 21st Century Skills.

Success Criteria:
I know the 4 C's.
I know how to embed the 4 C's into my lessons.
I have plans to collaborate with other teachers.

Next Steps.....
AzCCRS: Speaking and Listening Standards

How can you encourage students in your class to be better communicators?

How can we work collaboratively to improve students’ performance of the “Four Cs”?
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