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Protein Synthesis

No description

Mark Van Arsdale

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Protein Synthesis

RNA is Edited when it leaves the Nucleus
Translation (RNA to DNA)
Transcription (DNA to mRNA)
RNA Polymerase binds to the Promoter (TATA Box)
Protein Synthesis

2nd tRNA base pairs with 2nd codon on mRNA, at the A site
1rst and 2nd amino acids covalently bonded
1rst tRNA exits (E site)
2nd tRNA moves to P site, and 3rd tRNA attaches to A site
Process continues
Comparing DNA and RNA
a stop codon (UAA, UGA, UAG) reaches A site
polypeptide hydrolyzed from tRNA at P Site
Bases: A,T,C,G
Double Strand
Deoxiribose Sugar
Big, imovable
Single Strand
Ribose Sugar
Bases: A,U,C,G
Small, active
Types of RNA
Introns are removed
Exons are linked together
Methyl cap is added to 5' end
Poly A tail is added to 3' end
The splicesome acts to remove introns and connect exons
mRNA binds to small ribosomal subunit
1rst tRNA brings, start codon, attaches to P site(met is first amino acid)
Large ribosomal subunit attaches
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