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Raleigh & Rosse

No description

Andrew Hwang

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Raleigh & Rosse

Raleigh & Rosse

Company Background
Michael Raleigh and Conor Rosse

Luxury Retailer

1903 Saddlery and Equestrian Shop
Customer Service and High Class

1920s – Luxury Imports

Current Situation
Class Action lawsuit
Forcing employees to work “off the clock”
Double unpaid hours plus damages

Watkins Settlement Decisions
$200 Million Cost
Reputation Risk
Substantial Change to “Ownership Culture” and SPH
Leadership in the Trenches
Where is Brian Posse coming from when designing the new HR policies and processes?

What would be the benefits of effective Manager/ Sales Associate leadership by Upper Management?

What might Podsakoff, et al. foreshadow to Brain Posse before developing his version of non-owners “Ownership Culture”?
Pay the settlement
Perform a complete overhaul of the compensation program
Efficiency to Customer Service
NPS (Net Promoter Score)
Profit Sharing
Consider time and seasonal traffic in goal setting
Sales to Customer oriented (roots)
Maneesh Jain
Danica Hershey
Andrew Hwang

Industry Background
Began after WWII
Before goods were custom ordered
1980’s Luxury Retail Stores
1995-2007 Global Sales Doubled
2009 Global Sales
$214 Billion
In 2009 U.S. Largest Luxury Market
$57 Billion
Expansion of merchandise and retail stores.

Peak Revenues 2007
$524.2 Million

Top 100 Employer 2002

2005 Negative Press

Linda Watkins, CEO 2007
“Extraordinary Customer Service”

$63,000 Avg Salary

“Ownership Culture”

2008-2009 Negative Sales

2010 Labor Lawsuit
Ownership Culture
Maintaining Core Values

New hiring and commission standards

Sales Per Hour (SPH) System

Transactional Leadership
Transactional Leadership
Use of Contingent Rewards

Job Satisfaction
Leadership Satisfaction

Transactional Leadership in R&R
Specific Goals
2009 - $412 SPH
Difficult but attainable goals
$16,400 Sales/week
Goal Commitment
Above SPH - 7.35% Sales Commission
Below SPH - Hourly Wage
CEO Options
Pay the Settlement Costs and leave the system as is

Perform a complete overhaul of the management and pay systems.
Leadership in the Trenches
Misconceptions and Administration of Leader Reward and Punishment
What misconceptions did Brian Rosse have about leader reward and punishment when developing the SPH program?

What did the SPH program excel at in regards to rewarding and punishing the sales associates and managers?

What could Brian have done differently to the SPH program to effectively administer positive and negative feedback?
Employees Rewards Gone Wrong and Right
Problems with SPH

System Manipulation

"Off hours"

Poor HR Investigations
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