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Supporting Students so they

No description

Chuck Lawson

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of Supporting Students so they

Vulnerable Students Support Team
Supporting Students to become Connected, Capable, and Contributing Citizens and Graduates
Role of the District Vice-Principal of Middle/Secondary Transitions
Chair Transition Team Meetings
at all Middle and Secondary Schools
Connect with schools
that require transition support including placement of existing students
Connect with parents
that require support if their child is not attending school
Help transition new students
to the district that may not have appropriate placement at a school - requested by the school
Partnerships: how do they enhance the work of the committee?
School-Based Teams
Aboriginal Mentorship Team
Youth Specific Task Force (MCFD, RCMP, SD#33...)
What do the Numbers from 2015/2016 tell us?
Vulnerable Student Support Team Meetings
Vulnerable Student Support meetings for the Transition Team Leader with schools, parents, and students
students tracked by the Vulnerable Student Support Team
Priority reason for referral:
- Chronic Absence
- Behaviour Challenges
- Mental Illness
- Academic Risk
- Drug and Alcohol
End of the Year Student Status
Remained in Mainstream Schools
- Transitioned to Alternate Education
29 Education Centre
- Transitioned to FVDES
- Self-Withdraw (Cultural - Longhouse Involvement)
- Graduated
Next Steps/Recommendations
Alternative Education Planning Committee
will review our current work and make recommendations for enhancing the Vulnerable Student Support Team
Redesign of alternative education

Ensuring appropriate placement
of students where all students have engaging learning opportunities with necessary supports
Robust Tracking System
- 100% Project
Strategic Plan
: Improving student achievement & well-being through high quality instruction

: To enhance personal and social responsibility

: Vulnerable Students Support Team
Mandate of the Team and Membership
: To ensure that all vulnerable youth are connected to a school and are well supported for success

District Vice-Principal of Middle/Secondary Transitions
Principal of Alternative Education
Vice-Principal of Alternative Eduction
District Vice -Principal of Aboriginal Education

Ms. Wicker - Vice-Principal
Mt. Slesse Middle School
Ms. Chapman - Vice-Principal
Fraser Valley Distance Education
Breanna Miller
Aboriginal Mentorship Team
Mr. Wagner - Parent
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