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Job Fairs & Career Expos

A 60-90 minute presentation on preparing for and attending job fairs and career expos. Focus on strategy, networking, and realistic expectations for active job seekers.

Eric Pye

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of Job Fairs & Career Expos

"Set up for success"
Job Fairs & Career Expos
Preparation & Strategy
Events in Calgary
"The Big"
Participants & Goals
"Who's looking for what?"
The Chasm
"Put the Plan into Action"
"Don't Let it all Go to Waste"
Oil & Gas Fair in June
Within one week (?):

Connect on LinkedIn
Send thank you notes
Submit resumes
Arrange coffee meetings

Participant goals don't align.
University Job Fairs in Fall & Winter
Alberta Works Events
Industry/Corporate Events
Public Library Events
Check ALIS website
Active Job Seekers
Passive Job Seekers
Active Job Seekers
Passive Job Seekers
Corporate Branding
: Visibility and reputation
: Connect with "high potential" candidates for future hiring
Market Research
: Assess talent supply, monitor other employers
Active job seekers want and need a job
Passive Job Seekers and Employers
are focused on future needs
Immediate openings
Distribute resumes
Get interviews
Active job seekers need to take a future focus when attending a job fair!
Who am I?
Strengths and skills
Likes and dislikes
Unique accomplishments
Elevator Pitch
Elevator Pitch
Past + Present + Value + Future
30-45 second self-introduction
Branding, skills and goals
: Where you grew up, academic history, and past employment.
“Hi, I'm Kay. I grew up in Africa and moved to Canada in my early teens. I went to high school and university in Ontario, and graduated with an Economics Degree from McMaster University. In my early career I worked as a consumer loans advisor in a bank.”
: Current work, education and accomplishments.
“4 years ago I transitioned to accounting, and now I’m a Cash Control Analyst with the City of Calgary. I’m enrolled in the CPA pre-requisite education program, and expect to be designated in 2018.”
Value Proposition
: Relevant project/skills. Your unique selling point (USP).
“In my role with the City, I recently helped create a new process for recording and reporting Recreation Department income that reduced input times for facility staff by 50%.”
: Your desired outcome from connecting.
“I’m interested in advancing my career as a process accountant, broadening my organizational and analytical skills and using my CPA learning, while working towards a more senior accounting role.”
Create a company "Hit List"
Research your top targets
Connect through social media
Apply Online
Create candidate profile
Get ready to learn
Based on research, prepare tailored questions for target employers
Where's Waldo?
Create a professional email address
Make personal business cards
Build a Career Fair Kit
Look the Part
Is your outfit professional? Ready to start today!
Clean & blemish-free? (Check one week prior)
Lay out night before and check again.
What skills does your organization value most?

What do you like about working for (company)?

I read about XYZ project on your website; is your department involved in that work?

What are the typical career paths for new hires in the (accounting) department?
Eric Pye
Career Development Professional
eric.pye@email.com | (403) 123-4567
Resumes | Networking | Social Media
Interviews | Workshop Facilitation
Business cards
Copies of resume
Portfolio / Notebook
Multiple pens
Hit lists and prepared questions
The Big Day Arrives!
Morning Checklist
: Wake early.
: Smell good.
: Look good.
: Energize for the day ahead.
: Aim to arrive early.

…and don’t forget your Career Fair Kit!
The Early Bird
Beat the crowd
Stow your coat and backpack
Shorter lines
Recruiters are fresh
Use your Hit List
Map out your targets
Warm up with B-list employer
Prioritize your A-list
Be confident
Submit your resume
Don't be a Klingon
Don't be a Lamb
Realistic Expectations
Marathon, not sprint
Network and learn
Future focus
Ready to follow up
Outside the Box
Use lunch to your advantage
Forget the Hit List
Network & Learn
Recruiter name
Contact details
Answers to questions
Future Focus
Hiring peaks
Ready to follow up
Record company and recruiter names
Note discussion topics
Prepare for contact from employers
Lunch is busy with lots of workers (passive job seekers) dropping by

Rest and eat

Network with and learn from other participants (lunch, lines)

Visit some quieter booths

Adapt strategy for afternoon
Eric Pye, Career Advisor, CPA Alberta
: Connect with employers
: Build reputation
Market Research
: Future projects and opportunities
Self Assessment
: Skills match
: Find out about jobs available now.
Fast Track
: Hand out resumes and get invited to interviews.
: Get a job.
"I'm Kay. I studied Economics at McMaster University and I've lived in Calgary for six years. I’m a Cash Control Analyst with the City, and am studying for my CPA designation. I recently reworked a process for recording and reporting Recreation income that reduced input times for facility staff by 50%.

I’m here to research the job market, and get ideas for advancing my career into a more senior process accounting role.”
Tailor to the Situation
: Shorten, delete, embellish...
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