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7th Grade Science Syllabus

No description

Lilach Cary

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of 7th Grade Science Syllabus

Syllabus for
Class Website

Late Work
Course Requirements
Contact Info
Room 3
Santa Clarita, CA
Course Outline:
Here you can find information about upcoming tests and download missing assignments.
Check it out!
Natural processes and human actvities shape Earth's web of life.
Matter cycles and energy flows in living systems and Earth systems.
Natural processes and human activities have shaped Earth's resources and ecosystems.
Human activities can help sustain biodiversity and ecosystem services in a changing world.

Course Requirements
Science is out of this World!
7th Grade Science!
Class Website
Daily attendance, cooperation, and participation
Mrs. Lilach Cary
Hi, I don't get the homework.
How to send an email:
Late Work
: Hi, this is John from 2nd period. I can't answer question number three because it is smudged. What does it say?
Mrs. Cary
: It asks for the definition of photosynthesis. Can you see the rest or do you need me to email you a copy of the assignment?
: No, the rest is good. Thank you!
Mrs. Cary
: See you tomorrow!
Hi. I don't get the homework.
Mrs. Cary
Who is this?
Mrs. Cary
John in 7th grade or 8th grade?
Mrs. Cary
What didn't you understand?
Question number three.
Mrs. Cary
Well, question number three asks for the definition of photosynthesis. Did you look it up?
Oh, well, the ink was smudged so I couldn't read the question.
Mrs. Cary
Is the rest okay or do you need me to email you a new copy?
It's fine.

Required Materials:
Have these
on you at
all times!

: Glencoe Life Science
• 2
Composition Book
s: One for the science symposium and one for interactive science notebook

3 pencils
• 3 Glue sticks
• 2 Highlighters
• Sticky notes
• Scissors
• Eraser

Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
• 2 dry erase marker
(must be a dark color—black, dark blue, dark purple)

I expect students to come to class with all of the necessary materials and to actively participate in class discussions. (Materials needed are listed on the board)
I expect students to come to class with all of the necessary materials and to actively participate in class discussions. (Materials needed are listed on the board)
Will be assigned as necessary
within each unit. The best
way to understand the concepts
is to work on problems and
practice the necessary skills.

Great news! If you turn in all your work, you should have no problem passing my class!
Tests and Quizzes
I expect students to come to class with all of the necessary materials and to actively participate in class discussions. (Materials needed are listed on the board)
Tests will be given at the end of each unit and will be announced several days in advance.

If you are absent the day before a test, you still must take the test on the assigned day if nothing new was taught.

If you are absent on the day of a test, you must meet me the day you get back to arrange for a makeup test. If you don't take it within a week, you will get a zero.
Test will be given at the end of each unit and will be announced several days in advance. (They are listed on the board)
Warm Ups
I expect students to come to class with all of the necessary materials and to actively participate in class discussions. (Materials needed are listed on the board)
At the beginning of each class period there will be a few problems for students to work on as a review or as an opening to the day’s lesson. Each warm-up activity will be worth 4 points if completed on time. If the assignment is not done within the allotted time, students can complete it later for 2 points.
Taking Notes
As students begin to prepare for college, it is important to develop good note taking skills. Students will take Cornell style notes and will lose participation points if they are not making a good faith effort to take good notes. Some quizzes will be open note quizzes, so make sure you can understand your notes.
Lab Activities
Labs will supplement several of the lessons throughout the semester. Students will be graded on active participation in the lab, following safe lab procedures, and on a written lab report that accompanies each lab.
Failure to wear the needed personal protective equipment will not be tolerated. Students who do not wear the proper safety attire will be dismissed from the lab and receive a zero.
Students must score a 97% on a lab safety test and sign a safety contract before they can participate in the laboratory.
Tardy Policy

Students must be in class and in their seat on time with all of their materials.
• Students who do not have their materials and need to leave to get them will be marked tardy.

• If a student is tardy three times he/she will receive a detention. Every tardy after that will result in another detention.
• If a student is tardy four times he/she will get a “U” for the semester on his/her report card.
Makeup Work
• It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that an absence is cleared and to make arrangements with me to make up missed work. Students must go to PowerSchool or email me to obtain the work from the day they miss. I will not tell students what assignments they missed unless they have already checked the website and emailed me.
If you comes to class on the day of a quiz or test after being absent, you will not be
excused from taking that quiz or test unless
you have made prior arrangements with me.
If you miss a lab, quiz, or test you must make arrangements to make up the lab within one week of returning to school. Failure to do so will result in a zero on the assignment. If lab equipment has already been put away, you will receive an alternate assignment to make up the lab.
If you are absent, you can get the warm up from a friend or else ask me before or after class. You will only get the partial credit on that warm-up, but remember, it’s only 2 points. If you are in class often and on task, the 2 points will not affect your grade.
Work is due when it is due. A late assignment can be turned in the following day for 70% credit. After that, late work will not be accepted.

Project deadlines are given in advance. If a student is absent on the day a project is due, they must arrange for the project to be submitted on time in order to receive full credit. If prior arrangements have not been made, the assignment will be considered late, and will be given 70% credit the following school day, and will not be accepted after that.

Academic Integrity:

Albert Einstein Academy emphasizes academic integrity.
Please familiarize yourself with the schools policies regarding academic integrity, found in the Student Handbook.
"Yellow Sheet"
Every time I collect an assignment you must turn something in. That will either be the assignment or a "Yellow Sheet" which you can find in the front of the room by the basket.
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