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Spotted Tailed Quoll

No description

Steven Body

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of Spotted Tailed Quoll

Does Brewongle have the necessary habitat, food sources and lack of threats to support the spotted-tailed quoll? The Spotted-Tailed Quoll
Dasyurus maculatus What is their habitat? They use a variety of habitats including eucalypt forests and woodlands, coastal heathlands and rainforests. They prefer older, structurally diverse forests.

specific requirements include tree hollows, hollow logs, rocky outcrops, caves and rock crevices in which they make their dens. They have a large home range (200ha +) and they are good climbers. Threats to survival Loss, fragmentation and degradation of habitat.
Accidental poisoning during wild dog and fox control programs.
Deliberate poisoning, shooting and trapping may also be an issue.
Competition with introduced predators such as cats and foxes. What is their diet? Gliders, possums, small wallabies, rats, birds, bandicoots, rabbits and insects; also eats carrion and takes domestic fowl. The study task....
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