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Florie Buerki fashion and marketing portfolio

No description

Florie Buerki

on 30 March 2018

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Transcript of Florie Buerki fashion and marketing portfolio

Multi-lingual and hard-working young fashion connoisseur with a U.S. Bachelor's degree of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Design is looking for a position in marketing and merchandising. Immediate availability.

The lifestyle of a fashion connoisseur

Academic Work
My work
Creation of a flyer for a fashion show
Group project
Creation of a
Creation of
a brochure for the product developed
Self Directed
Professional Work
make-up artist and fashion stylist

From sports couture to chic ensembles no style was spared from the risqué touch of transparency
(Zannoni, 2013).
Writing samples for school papers
Michael Kors is one of the most popular fashion designers in the present day. However, he started from the bottom like most of the great names in the fashion industry...

Determination, uniqueness, hard work, seek of challenges, etc, all of Kors’s qualities prove to be keywords to become someone in the fashion industry

In other words, Michael Kors can be proud of where he comes from, what he has accomplished and also of the fashion icon he is.
The most important strength of FREITAG is the ecologic aspect of its products and its concern about the environment. The idea of producing bags from recycled truck tarpaulins and other recycled materials not only reassures customers about the wellness of the planet but also gives each bag the advantage of being unique....
My best skills

English, French, German, Swiss-German.
Fashion forward

Creation of a flyer for a model call
Organization of a fashion show
Industry Work
make-up artist, fashion stylist and model
Designer Assistant

Fashion Stylist
Make-up Artist
Fashion Coordinator
Make-up artist
for a video shoot
Trend report
Designer's biography
SWOT Analysis
Because FREITAG products are made from original tarpaulins of different colors, markings and contours, every FREITAG item is a one-off and feeling unique is what fashion customers seek
Florie Buerki
Whether it was in New York, London, Milan or Paris, the spring/summer 2013 catwalks were filled with “unfilled”. Sheer fabrics, brought the new trend and became the biggest takeover of the season.
The key word of the season was “light”, as in color or fabric and the element of shock value remained to help the trend to be noticed. According to Fashion’s Passion sheer clothing trend was also “considered to be a fashion weapon. It makes you look feminine and sexual” ("The sheer clothing," 2013).
Make-up artist for a fashion show

give away gift
Fashion stylist (with no budget)
Designer Tayyab Bombal and me
Wardrobe stylist for Tayyab Bombal
Styling for
the photo shoot
Tear sheets
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Michael Costello’s Spring 2015 collection was insanely gorgeous!
The 29-year-old, Michael Costello totally captured the audience with his exquisite work of art last week at the New York Fashion Week. Featuring stunning silhouettes of the woman’s body...
...Like the previous one for his spring/summer 2014 collection taking place in public restrooms, Wang’s girls have intriguing expressions on their faces and provocative poses...
It looks like H&M’s next guest designer, Alexander Wang played the bad girl card for his new RTW campaign again! If like me Alexander Wang is one of your fave designers, you probably loooove his F/W 2014 collection! But what about the related campaign that just came up?
Fashion blogs Kontrol Magazine
...Costello stuck to his well-known polished, elegant and delicate style. His Spring 2015 collection was exclusively made of voluminous and sexy yet very feminine gowns...
Thank you for watching!

Simply hit the right arrow to move from slide to slide.

Make sure to watch it with the music!
Florie Buerki
Kontrol Magazine
Atlanta International Fashion Week.
American Revolution Music
Fashion intern
Shoes and accessories trend report
Blaqk Noyze Produktionz
Blaqk Noyze Produktionz
Dralan Levi Pohotography &
Jermaine Heard Photography
Prostyle Makeup Academy
Fashion Trend Analyst
Sawing classes
Creative Drape
Make-up artist and stylist
for photo shoots
Rocklan One
as a model
Strategic Fashion Marketing
for the product
CAD for Fashion
Click the link below to watch
the full collection
Fashion Collection realized
with pastels
crop top low back
plum dress
Florie Buerki NYC Flow Fall/Winter 2015-2016
or type in Google:
Personal work
Personal work
Personal work
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