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Enterprise Works LinkedIn: Live It & Love It

No description

Elizabeth Chominski

on 26 June 2018

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Transcript of Enterprise Works LinkedIn: Live It & Love It

Your Profile
Find People on LinkedIn
Your Unique Self
Build Your Network
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Connect with everyone you know and everyone you meet.

Must Have
Reach Out and Follow Up
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Use LinkedIn to Differentiate Yourself
LinkedIn is Not a Formal Resume
LinkedIn Connects You
You Control How You Are Perceived
LinkedIn is your access to the largest and most up to date alumni database on the planet.

Your Experience
*Don't just cut & paste from your resume
Why use LinkedIn?
Online Personal Brand
Manage Your Personal Network
Job Postings
Recruiter Contacts
Illinois Alumni
Use It: EveryDay
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Learn to build a LinkedIn Profile that stands out and helps build your professional network
LinkedIn: Live It & Love It

Professional Photo
Short powerful statements
Quantified Achievements
Highlight what you are most proud of
Use less words to tell more
Company Research
Passive Job Seeking
Knowledge Sharing
2nd & 3rd Connections
Career Path Research
Stay Connected
Lynda.com is connected with LinkedIn and is free to all U of I students. Free content is just a click away.
Lynda.com (LinkedIn Learning)
Learning LinkedIn from Lynda.com
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