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Conference - What is

No description

Robbie Coombs

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Conference - What is

VerveEd - Who, What, Why
What problems are we solving for teachers?
What problems are we solving for Ed Developers?
Stuck in a repetitive loop of supporting low-level Moodle functionality
Maintaing and sustaining handouts, screenshots, Intranet pages, videos etc. The more you support the greater the quicksand effect.
Little time available to design or develop bespoke education solutions.
What problems are we solving for Ed Leaders?
Lack of institutional awareness of teachers technical proficiency
Moodle training doesn't necessarily equate to increased proficiency
Inconsistency in how training is delivered (especially across campuses)
Lack of data to correlate teacher proficiency against student outcomes
Who are we?
Founded by Robbie Coombs, VerveEd is a team of ex-teachers, education designers and web developers.

Working together to create bespoke training environments for organisations using Moodle
VerveEd Training Platform
A Software as a Service which is designed to offer in-situ training and accreditation for teachers using Moodle.
Moodle training not being available in a timely manner
In-person training is usually group based which restricts self-paced learning
Public material is usually generic, and doesn't match their own teaching environment
Training resources are outdated, hard to find when needed, and time consuming to navigate.
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