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Welcome to Sullivan Online

No description

Sullivan University

on 25 July 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to Sullivan Online

Key Components
Blackboard Learning Management System

Your Student Portal

Academic Services & Support Team

Tutoring Service: UpSwing

Key Academic Policies

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Contact Information
Tip: save any websites
provided in this presentation to your
Favorites Menu for
quick reference!
Blackboard Learning Management System
The Blackboard Learning Management System is your virtual classroom.
Click the link below for a brief overview.

Access to your classroom will open the first day of each new quarter starting at 8:00 AM (Eastern).

Your Student Portal is a tool to assist you with your educational journey. Within the portal you can:

Access the library, your VDI (virtual desktop), Skillsoft, view handbooks/catalogs, etc.

View your academic progress and register for classes

Access your financial aid ledger, make a payment, access the FAFSA link, etc.

Find forms for add/drop, withdraw, and access the bookstore

Your Student Portal
Online Student Affairs & Support
Key Academic Policies
Online Student Affairs
1-888-299-5312 / 502-413-8850 (local number)

Financial Planning
1-877-253-1584 / 502-413-6660 (local number)

Student Success Team

Blackboard 24/7 Online Support Center

Student Portal/Email Assistance (IT)
Main Contacts
Welcome to
Sullivan University

We believe in you.

Contact us at online@sullivan.edu or by calling 1-888-755-7807 / (502) 413-8850.
Student Academic Coordinator contact information can be found in the Student Portal.
Additional support is available through your Student Success Team, 1-866-475-5429.
Online Course Attendance Policy
Academic Integrity
When can I initially log into my class?
Access to Angel opens on the first day of classes. Please reference the Angel homepage for important dates.
Who do I contact for financially related questions or concerns?
Please contact Financial Planning directly concerning your financial aid. Your Financial Aid Coordinator is noted in the portal.

I heard I can get dropped for attendance...is that true?
Yes...if you miss 3 consecutive attendance postings, you will be dropped from your course.
How do I avoid plagiarism?

"To raise yourself to a better position,
you've got to do something special-
make some extra effort. It won't be
pleasant at the time, and it will
mean hard grueling work while you're
at it, but it will pay in the long run."
In the end, you'll achieve...
Carnegie, D. (Ed.). (1959).
Dale Carnegie’s Scrapbook, A Treasury of the Wisdom of the Ages
. Hauppauge, NY: Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.
 Academic integrity
refers to ensuring that all the work you submit is your own.
To use someone else’s information as your own—plagiarism-- is not only unethical, it is also illegal.
If you use information from another source, it must be cited.

When in
doubt, cite it.

Sullivan University requires the use of APA format to ensure ensure proper citation.
There are plenty of resources for learning APA, such as:
o   The library
o   Owl.purdue.edu (the Purdue OWL)
o   The Tutoring Center (ask your adviser for more information)
What is active engagement?
Active engagement is making discussion posts, submitting assignments, and completing other class work throughout the week. Your course calendar and syllabus are essential for staying on track.

The Academic Policy at Sullivan University is that you actively engage in your online courses. Failure to engage will result in students being administratively dropped from the course.

When is attendance posted?
Attendance is posted twice per week:
Monday and Thursday.
Note: simply logging in does not count as active engagement.

In online courses, students will be dropped on the 3rd consecutive absence.
For your first time logging on the portal, use these credentials:
Student ID

Hours of operation:
M-Th 7:30a-7:30p EST
F 8a-4:30p EST and
Sat 8a-12p EST
We are here to help you with:
Academic questions and concerns
Transcript evaluations
Academic progress

Attendance is posted every Monday and Thursday. You must actively engage to remain in class.
There are plenty of resources for learning about using APA correctly, such as: 
o   The library
o   Owl.purdue.edu (the Purdue OWL)
o   The Tutoring Center (ask your adviser for more information)
When in doubt, cite it.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Who do I contact for
financial planning questions?
Please contact your Financial Planning Coordinator directly with questions concerning your financial plan. Your Financial Planning Coordinator is noted on in
your Student Portal.

Financial Planning direct line:
When can I initially log into
my Blackboard class(es)?
Access to Blackboard opens on the first day of each new quarter through the link below.

How do I avoid plagiarism?
If you use information from another source, it must be cited.

There are plenty of resources for learning to use APA, such as: 
o   The library APA style guide
o   Owl.purdue.edu (the Purdue OWL)
o   The Upswing Tutoring Center

How do I check my student email?
You'll want to get in the habit of checking your email frequently for Sullivan related email.

To check, simply go to http://mail.sullivan.edu/

Tip: save this web address to your
favorites for easy access later.
I heard I can be dropped from class for attendance...is that true?
Yes! If you miss 3 consecutive attendance postings
(every Monday & Thursday), you will be dropped
from your course.

Being dropped may negatively impact your GPA,
Satisfactory Academic Progress, financial aid and your potential graduation date.

Image: http://www.biography.com/people/dale-carnegie-9238769
Tip: jot these
numbers down for
future reference
From the writings of Dale Carnegie,
Other Campus Contacts
1-800-844-1354 / 502-456-6504

1-800-467-6281 / 859-267-4357

Ft. Knox
1-800-562-6713 / 502-942-8500

Louisa Center for Learning

Northern Kentucky Center for Learning

Sullivan University Online
We believe in you.
The journey starts and ends with you.
The journey begins and ends with you.
We have developed a website at http://www.sullivanonline.net/bb/ where we post
step-by-step instructions, screen shots and other resources to help you navigate the new system.

Blackboard Login
Sullivan Student ID
Sullivan Network Password
(Portal Password)
Sullivan Student ID
Sullivan Network Password
(Portal Password)
Tutoring Service: UpSwing

Sullivan University has partnered with
UpSwing to bring the talents of our
tutors to you, where ever you are.

Through UpSwing you’ll be able to meet with a Sullivan tutor in a live, real-time session.

In UpSwing you can:
send messages to tutors
schedule sessions ahead of time
join your classmates for a small
group session with a tutor

Sarah Nichter, Associate Professor
Tutoring Center Coordinator, Sullivan University

Logging in and Navigating Blackboard and Courses https://vimeo.com/220005732
Communicating with Instructors and Students https://vimeo.com/220005507
Participating in Discussion Forums https://vimeo.com/220005638
Submitting an Assignment https://vimeo.com/220006414
Taking Quizzes and Exams https://vimeo.com/220006302
Viewing Grades and Feedback https://vimeo.com/220005933

Click on a video below for more information
Note: You will not be able to access Blackboard until the first day of classes.
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