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Friends, Partners & Co: a sustainable model for the media?

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Gabriela Pedranti

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Friends, Partners & Co: a sustainable model for the media?

Friends, Partners & Co: a sustainable model for the media?
Key concepts and ideas
Reading contract (Eliseo Verón)

Gift and value economies (Henry Jenkins, Joshua Green, Sam Ford)

Collective Intelligence
(Pierre Lévy)
Case Study:
Orsai Blog
Orsai "universe"
Gabriela Pedranti
(IED Barcelona/SemioticaStudio)
Transmedia Literacy Barcelona International Seminar Dec 10th, 2013.
Orsai magazine
Hernán Casciari, the author
What can "big media" learn from alternative proposals?
Orsai "universe"
Pizzeria - Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 2011
Orsai Bar, Buenos Aires 2011-2013
Orsai Club, Buenos Aires, 2013
Publishing house
Writing courses
Orsai's achievements in the current media landscape
keep the conversation flowing
They are flexible and creative: new times, new proposals.
They offer contents that are meaningful in a broad sense.
The magazine is not the only “product” of the Orsai universe
They have built a model that goes beyond the concept of prosumers: authors/creators and readers/participants are
vital and palpable parts
of the project (reading, writing, distributing, commenting, etc.)

"Partners, friends & Co."
Some other examples in the same line

Orsai "universe"
New project for 2014
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