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How to get your students creating digital output

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St. Corban's B.N.S.

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of How to get your students creating digital output

How to get your students creating digital output
Technology & Teaching
There are many free blogging platforms - Blogger, Wordpress, Kidblog, Google Groups - check them out and choose the one that's best for you.
Teachers will need to see where this fits into the curriculum - blogging is not additional work.
Teachers will need to learn how to use the platform before using it with their students. Look for CPD, watch online videos etc.
Evidence and Examples
YouTube for how-to videos
Help sections within the website e.g. Blogger
Local schools that blog
Find exemplars of good practice

1. Choose a class
2. Research and choose a platform
3. Set goals that are curriculum based
4. Talk to other teachers, students to use their prior knowledge
5. Get support from principal
6. Consult parents
7. E-safety - before you start
8. Identify one other teacher to shadow you or collaborate
9. Introduce it to your class
10. Remember your goals as you plan your lessons
11. End of term reflection and evaluation - involve students


* Always have a Plan B - the technology can let you down
* Peer support
* Principal support
* Motivational support

Where is a good place to start?
An easy way to start is with a blog
Blogs allow students to share all kinds of output - written work, videos, audio, photos etc.
It can tie into any curricular area
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