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Work Study

No description

Lisa Suttman

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Work Study

Work Study
What is Work Study?
The Work study program allows students with paid jobs and/or unpaid volunteer work to prepare for the world of work AND earn high school elective credits.
What does Work Study look like as a part of my child's schedule?
Students do not necessarily need to take off school for work. They can participate in the Work Study program for elective credits in addition to their 7 bell school day.
However, most students take off 1-3 bells of their school day depending on the number of hours they work at their job.
Note of Caution:
Program Requirements
Parent, Student, Principal and Business Partner Agreement/signatures
30 hours per quarter (9 weeks) = .25 credits (1 credit a year). Pay stubs/log required
60 hours per quarter (9 weeks)= .5 credits (2 credits a year). Pay stubs/log required
Monthly grade sheets to be completed by employer
Semester presentation
Benefits of Work Study
Development of career based skills
Time management skills
Who can do Work Study?
Any student can participate in our Work Study program; ideally Juniors and Seniors unless there are special circumstances approved by Mr. Baker
Report Junior and Senior class rigor is an important factor in admission decisions.
Many report that seeing Work Study denotes that the student may value quick money over furthering one's education.
Think as a college admissions person: Would you value seeing a student working at McDonalds for 3 bells a day instead of taking Pre-calculus, an extra history and Chemistry?
However, if your child is Interning in his/her field of interest, it may be beneficial.
Make sure it fits your child
The Work Study program is very flexible:
Students can miss 0 bells and still work for credit outside of school hours.
It's perfect for students planning on entering a trade or straight to work after high school- giving them a potential head start and experience.
It can teach a lot of really great life-skills that students may not learn within the classroom.
All students will graduate from High School College and/or Career Ready
Please keep in mind your child's long-term goals. Meaning, if your child is planning on attending a 4 year college, taking off school to work may not be the best decision for your child.
Student Responsibility
The student needs to turn in pay stubs monthly.
Turn in employer evaluations monthly.
Keep up with all other classes- or else the student will be forced to quit the program (graduation/school comes first).
Schedule a time with his/her school guidance counselor to present the slide-show.
All of these things are up to the students to get turned in- promoting independence and responsibility that comes with a job.
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