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Urban Photography- Cypress, CA

No description

Elizabeth Yap

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Urban Photography- Cypress, CA

Costco: Buy in bulk!
Girl Scout Cookies outside of Stater Bros.!
A local Korean market
Intersection of Lincoln and Moody
Urban Photography- Cypress, CA
There are lots of plazas with various fast food options on every corner of my neighborhood. Luckily it is a pretty diverse community so we also have a Korean market with fresh fruit and vegetables.
This 7/11 is close to an elementary school. My little brother goes there all the time to get unhealthy snacks with spare change.
This is a Korean market that my family frequents. My mom likes to buy fruits and vegetables there because they're very fresh.
Everyone goes to Costco to buy groceries and plenty of other things!
This is a local plaza that is next to the high school I went to. Everyone went there after school to eat.
This is a local grocery store. A majority of the store was of processed foods.
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