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How Can We Free Public Transportation?

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Laura Trager

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of How Can We Free Public Transportation?

This is a collection of questions posed by the Free University of NYC and responses given by NYC subway riders on Sunday, March 9th, 2014.
How Can We Free

Public Transportation?
"Free Coffee and Snacks and Free Transit"
"End Capitalism"
"Better Technology"
"24 Hour Transfer"
"End tax break for corporations who’s workers have to use the train and don’t give free passes"
"End police harassment"
"Take more money from ads. Make MTA Free/ Stop Criminalizing People who have no homes and need warmth at night"
How Can Subways Stations Become Places for Community Education and Power?
"Use space in subways for community art"
"Cleaner Stations"
"More artwork"
"The Stations are sooo ugly—Can’t we make them more appealing?"
"End police surveillance and constant announcement that induce fear of fellow travelers"
"Food and Drinks!!"
"Daily Newspaper Boards"
"Teach-Ins and libraries in each station!"
"What Would Your Ideal Transit System Look Like?"
"Make Trains Clean and Add elevators to every station!"
"Clean bathrooms"
"Free Metrocards for all students all the time"
"Different passes for different zones of travel"
"Transit System with less delays and extended travel hours"
"More accessible to the differently abled"
"More trains that run consistently on time"
"Wifi on all trains and in all stations"
"A very low nominal fee, have we forgotten about the working poor?"
"Better G Train service"
"Tap Cards"
"Trains that run North/South through East Village and Chelsea"
"Better Ventilation/ Climate Control"
"Train times at every station"
"Train Mandatory stop before “enter platform” slow mph to avoid statistic of trackfall deaths"
"1 Day a week all turnstiles are open…i.e. “free” (Maybe Sundays)"
"More Trains Less Pains"
"Swipe Backs offer a free ride to someone ride to someone when you leave the station"
"No charge for metrocards"
"It would have a way to get to Red Hook"
"What Would Your Ideal Transit System Look Like?"
"More Connections between outer boroughs"
"Better/Direct airport access"
"More seats in stations"
"Connect Brooklyn to Queens to the Bronx"
"Fix Subway stations in the Bronx (not just Manhattan) "
"Add Bathrooms to every train"
"Abolish the MTA"
"Free transfer from Path!"
"Base Fare on minimum wage"
"More elevators and access for seniors and folks with disabilities"
"No arrest of panhandlers or performers"
"Teach cellphone etiquette not to be on speaker phone get headphones!"
"Subway fare decrease"
"Improve weekend train service!
"Post status of Trains on Digital Screens "
"Add wifi access in station! "
"How Can We Support Transit Workers?"
"Give them a raise!!"
"Treat them with respect"
"Help keep transit clean"
"Volunteer help to clean up your station - everyone pitch in!"
"Teach them not to let thieves get off train with stolen property or drive them willingly to their stop. Call police next time. Respect Passengers"
"Don’t block the doors"
"Make MTA union - doesn't always protects MTA worked for bad services"
"More signs and explanation of delays- Before you enter station and swipe!"
"What Would a Fare Hike Mean for You?"
"Harder to get to school "
(no money)"
"One less meal a week"
"Restrictions on my search for a job"
"R.I.P College"
"Walk BK bridge to get to school and work (2 hr each way)"
"Less money, fix more train stations"
"Hire more workers "

SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2014
2pm - 4pm
W4th Street Station

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