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Pre-AP 4th Six-Weeks Calendar

Andrea Khawaja

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of Romeo+Juliet

Romeo+Juliet by William Shakespeare
Pre-AP English I
4th Six-Weeks Calendar

Day One
A=Wednesday, January 4
B=Thursday, January 5
Interest Journals-Theme Exploration
Introduce symbol project, set up t-charts, and begin Act 1 of Luhrmann adaptation of R+J.
Discuss perfect mate survey.
HW: Perfect Mate Survey due Day 3. Book Checks Day 4.
Day Two
Friday, January 6 (B)
Monday, January 9 (A)
Syntax: Asyndeton and Polysyndeton
Define each term in your journal.
You will learn three facts about a classmate. Use these facts to write sentences using asyndeton and polysyndeton.
Finish viewing and discussing Act I.
Choose partners and begin planning for project.
Hw: Perfect Mate Surveys due next class. Book checks Day 4.
Day Three
Tuesday, January 10 (B)
Wednesday, January 11 (A)
Day Four
Thursday, January 12 (B) - Late Start
Friday, January 13 (A)
Day Five
Tuesday, January 17 (B)
Wednesday, January 18 (A)

Day Six
Thursday, January 19 (B)
Friday, January 20 (A)
Day Seven
January 23 (A)-Monday
January 24 (B)-Tuesday

Oxymoron vs. paradox
Review Act 1.5
Begin Act 2
HW: Act 1 quiz 1/28 and 1/29. Remember-this is NOT an AP quiz! Use review sheet to study. Act 1 vocab due next class.
Day Eight
Wednesday, January 25 (A)
Thursday, January 26 (B)
Day Nine
Friday, January 27 (B)
Monday, January 30 (A)

Day Ten
February 1-A (C?) - Course Fair

Warm-up-Finish these sentences:
Violence is caused by...
Injustice is...
Short answer on "(love song, with two goldfish)"
Read a sonnet from "A Wreath for Emmett Till" in pairs.
Discuss the historical context, review sonnets, and discuss why the author chose to write sonnets as a way to reflect on Emmett Till's legacy.
Read Act 3
HW: Finish Act 3.1-3.2 (available online) by next class. Continue reading library books. Work on Act 3 vocab.
Day 10
Tuesday, January 31 (B)- Late Start
Wednesday , February 3 (A)
Day 11
Thursday, February 2 (B) - Late Start
Friday, February 3 (A)
Day 12
Monday, February 6 (A)
Tuesday, February 7 (B)
Day 13
Wednesday, February 8 (A)
Thursday, February 9 (B)
Day 14
Friday, February 10 (B)
Monday, February 13 (A)
Look at your list from last class. Choose one and write a simile or metaphor that expresses your feelings in an abstract way.
Journal Checks-due Thursday at the latest.
Read through sonnet assignment.
AP quiz
Complete a full rough draft of your sonnet.
HW: Finish rough drafts. F451 book checks Feb. 22/23. Next class: expository timed write.
Day 15
Tuesday, February 14 (B) [Last Day of the Six-Weeks]
Wednesday, February 15 (A)
Perfect Mate discussion and journal.
R&J in 10 minutes.
Prologue-Discuss sonnets and annotate as a class.
Work on projects.
HW: Book checks next class. Symbol projects due Day 5.
Syntax-anaphora and inversion.
Define both words.
Practice writing sentences using both syntax techniques.
Begin reading Act I.
Library visit-Khawaja
Book check.
Symbol project work time.
HW: Symbol projects due Day 5.
Warm-up: Define 'rebellion' and list personal and historical examples. Is the romance between Romeo and Juliet an act of rebellion? Why/why not?
Introduce vocabulary assignment
Shakespeare background info (see prezi)
Begin reading Act I
Project presentations
Understanding Shakespeare's language and insults:
HW: Vocab for Act 1 due 1/26 and 1/27.
Warm-up:Ted Talk-Shakespeare and Hip Hop
Project presentations
View R&J and read
Work on vocab
Journal prompt: Writer's choice. Write about whatever you want, but use anaphora, inversion, asyndeton, and/or polysyndeton at least twice. Underline and label your devices.
Act 3 review
Begin Act 4.
Exit ticket with a partner: write down 3-4 questions you have about Romeo and Juliet.
HW: Read library books. Work on vocab for Acts 3-4.
Act 1 quiz
Read/Prezi for 2.2
Identifying figurative language handout.
HW: Finish reading Act 2. Finish figurative language assignment. Finish Act 2 vocab for next class.
Warm up: Write down 2-3 questions you have about R&J OR things you've learned.
Continue reading and view the rest of the movie.
Finish vocabulary by next Tuesday/Wednesday.
Warm-up: list 10-15 things/people/places you love
Receive AP quiz review-quiz Tuesday
Discuss/finish reading
Sonnet scramble.
HW: Complete all vocab and study for quiz.
Expository timed writing practice
Peer edit sonnet drafts
Type and submit final drafts to turnitin.com
In the Time of the Butterflies
book check- next class.
Interest Journals
Heading: Your initials, class period, date.
Freewrite, write a creative story, look up definitions, write about your experiences or the experiences of a friend or family member.
Warm-up-John Green
Act 2 review
"(love song, with two goldfish)"
HW: Finish poem packet and bring it to your next class. Work on vocabulary.
Sign course sheets.
Check vocab.
Interest journals.
HW: Begin Act 3, work on vocab, and study.
Essential Questions:
What is drama? Is Shakespeare still relevant? What universal issues do teenagers face regardless of time and place?

Perfect Mate Discussion -
Write a paragraph reflecting on how your view of the perfect mate differs from the view of your parent/guardian.

As you watch, participate in the hand-raising questions he raises
Write three things you learned in this video or found interesting

As we watch, consider this question and write. Use support from the video as evidence.

Do you believe Shakespeare wanted his audience to believe that Romeo & Juliet were truly in love or simply in lust?
Dramatic Irony: http://ed.ted.com/on/nGf7ZKiN
Shakespearean Insults: http://ed.ted.com/on/PkYpC771
"Shakespeare is Everywhere" Ted Talk:
Folger Lessons: http://www.folger.edu/teaching-modules
Raymond Day 1: 1/5 (B) 1/6 (A)
Interest Journals: Theme Exploration
'Emmett Till' NPR Interview: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4818586
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