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Guide to Collegiate Club Baseball

No description

Alex Kane

on 6 November 2017

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Transcript of Guide to Collegiate Club Baseball

Guide to Collegiate Club Baseball
Chapter 3: Joining the NCBA
Table of Contents
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On the field..............................................................................Slide 3-6
Off the field.............................................................................Slide 7-12
Slide 13-20
The rules....................................................................................Slide 13
League Participation Agreement...........................................Slide 14-17
Registration Fee/Employer Identification Number...................Slide 18
W-9/Registration Form/Due Date.......................................Slide 19-20

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
On The Field
Guaranteed conference or district games
Each team will receive a conference or district schedule from the league. Each team will play at least one 3-game series against each of the other teams in their conference or district.

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
On The Field
Opportunity to compete for the chance to play in the World Series
All teams in the league are competing for the chance to participate in either the NCBA Division I or Division II World Series. It is at these tournaments that the National Champions are crowned.

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
On The Field
Competitive atmosphere
Being part of a league helps to foster a competitive atmosphere by defining goals for both the team and the individual players. Teams strive to be the best in the league and individual players strive to top the statistics of players on other teams.

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
On The Field
Being placed in a conference or district with other teams in your area will create or enhance rivalries between teams. Fighting a rival team for a conference or district title takes the game to the next level as you battle for more than bragging rights.

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
Off The Field
Coverage under the league’s $2 million general liability insurance policy
This policy covers many aspects of NCBA play including travel, practice, workouts, and games. The teams receive a full year of coverage and often find the policy required when trying to obtain fields. An Additional Insured can be added to the policy for $10

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
Off The Field
Prior to the start of each season, all NCBA member teams receive 5 dozen official NCBA game balls and two BBCOR Certified baseball bats. This equipment is provided complimentary by the NCBA and its sponsors as part of membership in the league. Also, all NCBA Division I Teams will receive any combination of 8 Rawlings Batting Helmets OR a complete set of Rawlings Catchers Gear.

Legitimacy and recognition
Being a part of an established league gives your team legitimacy and can garner recognition that may have otherwise been lacking. This can lead to increased funding from your school and sponsors as well as recognition and respect from other baseball teams, other teams at your school, family, friends, and fans.

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
Off The Field
Support from the league
As a member of the NCBA, you will have access to the staff members, many of whom are former club baseball/softball players and officers. They will be available to you throughout the baseball season as well as during the off season. They can help you with fundraising, budgeting, travel arrangements, rules questions, as well as offer advice and guidance on running your team efficiently and staying organized.

Someone to answer to/get answers from
Having a governing body running the league creates accountability among the teams. Teams are held responsible for their actions and they have someone to turn to when they want other teams held accountable.

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
Off The Field
Access to NCBA teams
As a member of the league, you can get contact information for not only the teams in your conference or district, but all the teams in the league. You may use this information to set up non-conference games or tournaments with teams throughout the country. You can also network with other teams to get advice or suggestions on things such as fundraising, finding fields and umpires, holding tryouts, etc.

Access to sponsors
The NCBA has exclusive deals with sponsors to provide discounts to its member teams. The NCBA also sets up deals with travel agencies and hotels to help teams as they travel throughout the season, particularly to Spring Training and the World Series.

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
Off The Field
Fundraising opportunities
The NCBA provides member teams with access to fundraising programs to help them raise money for dues, traveling, uniforms, fields, umpires, and whatever other expenses they might incur.

Being a part of the league increases your networking opportunities with other teams as well as other professionals within the baseball world. This can help you when trying to find fields, umpires, and sponsors as well as when you are searching for a job both during and after college.

Benefits Of Being In The NCBA
Off The Field
Transition of leadership
The NCBA will help ease the transition of leadership from one year to the next. It can sometimes be difficult for a graduating officer to hand over the running of the team to a new officer but being part of the league gives structure to how the team is run and the NCBA staff can help guide new officers.

How To Join
The Rules
The first step to joining the NCBA is to READ THE RULES carefully and completely. The NCBA rules are based on the NCAA rules with a few modifications which were either voted upon by the NCBA member teams or put into place by the NCBA Rules Committee.

It is important to know exactly how the league is run and how your team is expected to operate within the NCBA. The rules contain important information regarding the number of games played, player eligibility requirements, uniform requirements and numerous other issues that are important for you to be fully informed about before committing to the league. If you have any questions, you can contact Director of Team Development, Alex Kane at 412-321-8440 x105 or by email at Alex.Kane@CollClubSports.com

The “NCBA Rules and Regulations” can also be downloaded from the NCBA website (http://www.clubbaseball.org or http://div2.clubbaseball.org/) by clicking the “Info” tab.

How To Join
League Participation Agreement
Once you are ready to commit to joining the league, the next step is to have a team representative and a faculty advisor sign a New Team League Participation Agreement (LPA) and then fax it to: 412-321-4088. Then, mail the original along with a $600 check made payable to “NCBA” to:

850 Ridge Avenue
Suite 301
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

How To Join
League Participation Agreement
The League Participation Agreement is your team’s official commitment to join the league. Signing it indicates your team will do the following:
1. Adhere to all NCBA rules and regulations
2. Pay the appropriate fees and dues
3. Have all players execute the online NCBA Participation Waiver

How To Join
League Participation Agreement
It also indicates the NCBA’s commitment to provide your team with the following:
1. Official recognition as a member of the National Club Baseball Association
2. Scheduling of a regular season conference schedule of games
3. Opportunity to compete for the right to participate in National Postseason play
4. Full access to the Official NCBA website (www.clubbaseball.org or www.clubbaseball.org/Div2/) for the purpose of tracking rosters, player stats, player bios, team records, conference standings, team website access, and team contact information
5. Participation in the Official NCBA Fundraising Programs
6. Pre-paid delivery if 5 dozen Official NCBA game balls
7. Pre-paid delivery of 2 BBCOR Certified baseball bats
8. Team coverage under an NCBA premium pre-paid $2 million general liability insurance policy
9. Participation in the benefits of all Official NCBA Sponsorship programs
10. Opportunity to obtain Official NCBA Consultation on club baseball program management issues

How To Join
League Participation Agreement
It is important to realize that once you sign the LPA, you are legally bound to participate in the league. You cannot later choose to NOT be a member of the NCBA. The League Participation Agreement is a binding contract and your team will have to pay the fees and dues they agreed to upon signing the LPA.

The League Participation Agreement can also be downloaded from the NCBA website (http://www.clubbaseball.org or http://div2.clubbaseball.org/) by clicking the “Info” tab.

How To Join
Paying the Registration Fee
Once you have committed to joining the league, you will receive an invoice for the registration fee. This invoice describes how to pay by either check or credit card and schools often require an invoice before they will allow you to use team money to pay your fee. If paying by credit card, be sure to completely fill out the credit card portion of the invoice and fax it to the NCBA office at 412-321-4088.

Taxpayer/Employer Identification Number (TIN/EIN)
The Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is also referred to as the Employer Identification Number (EIN). The EIN is used to identify a business for tax purposes. Thus, schools need the NCBA’s EIN when making payments to the NCBA on behalf of your team.

The NCBA’s EIN is: 52-2270910

The EIN also appears at the top left of all invoices.

How To Join
W-9 Form
The W-9 Form is used to request the EIN of an organization. Many schools require this form in order to make any payments to the NCBA. A completed and signed W-9 Form can be requested by emailing an NCBA representative.

Registration Form
After submitting your LPA, fill out and email the E-Registration Form to the Director of Team Development at Alex.Kane@CollClubSports.com. This form provides the NCBA with contact information for two team representatives, Head Coach (if applicable) as well as an advisor, helping to ensure a smooth line of communication.
The Registration Form can also be downloaded from the NCBA website (http://www.clubbaseball.org/ or http://div2.clubbaseball.org/) by clicking the “Info” tab.

How To Join
Due Date
You must submit your signed LPA, completed Registration Form, and registration fee by June 1st in order to guarantee your acceptance into the NCBA for the following season. After this deadline, you may still request to join the NCBA, however, you are not guaranteed admittance and your chances of being accepted into the league diminish as the next school year approaches.

Once the NCBA has received your team’s signed LPA, registration fee, and Registration Form, your team will officially become a recognized member of the National Club Baseball Association.
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