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SoFu Launch - Blooming Borderlines

Presentation for IMH launch event of SoFu 6 Dec 2013

rex haigh

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of SoFu Launch - Blooming Borderlines

Borderline Blooms:
Growing Better Lives
People with Personality Disorder

Rex Haigh
Vanessa Jones
Jan Lees
Fiona Lomas
or should it be
Bloomin' Borderlines

10% of people with diagnosed BPD complete suicide in their lifetime
So... what about TCs?
But just what IS a TC?

"A TC is a consciously designed social environment in which people with various emotional problems live together in an organised and structured way. The community itself is the method, and through its social and group processes, change and recovery are promoted. In this way, a new life in outside society is made possible”
and the underlying
Other useful TC ideas:
Living-Learning Experience
Culture of Enquiry
'Therapeutic Ordinariness'
'Spontaneous Solutions'
'Enjoying Uncertainty'
'Creative Chaos'

What's missing?
(apart from people...)

Clinical features:
Containment and boundaries
Structure - check-in & check-out
Group principles
Range of activities
Evaluation - Recovery Star
"I used to think that this greencare
was a heap of shit, but I went home
and realised I felt a lot better"
"This is the best
of the week"
"It’s not therapy-focused time, but time spent with the people you’re in therapy with, working together on cooperative projects. It helps to break down barriers that are sometimes formed in therapy. It is a calming and peaceful space"
However, it
has not been
that easy...
3 parallel struggles
the elements
the demons
the system
...all for life and death
The elements - David
The Demons -
The System -
Yet we survive -
if a little uncertainly
With visions
for the future:
small, medium and wild
That we will
get funded
to survive
beyond 2013
That we will get a
sustainable system
to provide some MH
services for the NHS
That we will take over
PD mental health services
from the NHS
and run them better!
Our secret friend

(who doesn't even
know us) -
who is he?
But for the last word,
we must give apologies to the late
Sir John Betjeman
Come, friendly folk, and visit Slough,
Where care of green's unfolding now,
Where famished souls can learn to grow.
Refashion hope!

Learn anew how to relate:
To renew, engage and then create!
Do not defer, do not debate.
Heal your wounds

With ring of stones and tee pee tall,
As genesis of a collective call.....
Together we conquer, divided we fall.
Assuage your hurt

Come, friendly folk, and visit Slough,
The earth will yield as harrow and plough
Make fruitful our new harvest now.
The yurt exhales

Fiona Lomas, 2011
(with apologies to John Betjeman, 1937)

The Launch Party 2011
A very cold winter 2010
Wild weather winter 2011-12
Rebuilding no. 5
Then came the cold & rain
Do they want us?
They say they do,
What we're going
to present today...
Where do they run
therapy programmes
like this??

comparison studies
in Complex Needs Services
Individual elements
to ‘test’
SU designed Greencare
Outcome Measure
& Explore
Individual elements
to ‘test’
SU designed Greencare Outcome Measure
& Explore
& Explore
& Explore
What we already know
a keen research team
involved and enthusiastic service users
supportive clinicians
What we already have
Service funding


Research Resources

Small samples

Interesting questions…
Does our Greencare service produce positive life changes for those who use it?
What changes?
Who for?
At what cost?
And for how long?

What elements of Greencare ‘work best’?
How are these changes made?
The setting?
The therapists?
Green activities?
The service users?
2014 onwards: our plans and hopes!
& Explore
SU designed Greencare
Outcome Measure
comparison studies
in Complex Needs Services
Next steps
Pathways through complex needs and others
Systematic review
From our service users and ‘staff’
Research & Development
From previous research
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