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Unit 3, p. 11 Causes of the Spanish-American War Graphic Organizer

top Graphic Organizer Causes of the Spanish-American War

Rachel Jasso

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of Unit 3, p. 11 Causes of the Spanish-American War Graphic Organizer



p.10 top
Main causes.....
Cuban Revolution 1895-1898
Spain's harsh treatment of Cubans
Sensationalism of events by American Newspapers
"Yellow Journalism"
What does this mean???
DeLome Letter
called President McKinley "WEAK"
"Mysterious" explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor (Cuba)
The Cuban economy was in a depression because of U.S. Tariff changes; Jose Marti and Maximo Gomez used these bad times to start a revolution to throw Spain out. when cubans declared independence, Spain sent an army to crush the rebellion. Entire villages were forced into camps surrounded by barbed wire, where many died of disease and starvation.
's New York World and William Randolph
's New York Journal depicted the Spaniards as "murderous brutes" in order to sell more newspapers. Hearst once told one of his reporters,"You furnish the pictures, I'll furnish the war."
These two had a competition to sell more papers than the other.

Does this type of reporting still happen??? What do you think???
In 1898 the Spanish ambassador, DeLome wrote a letter that was published in the newspaper.
The U.S.S Maine was sent to Cuba to protect American property. (Courtesy call) It was sunk by an explosion that killed 258 U.S. sailors and injured many others.
Hearst and Pulitzer blamed the Spanish for sabotage, setting off a storm of protests in the U.S.
Besides the natural and inevitable coarseness with which he repeats all that the press and public opinion of Spain has said of Weyler, it shows once more what McKinley is: weak and catering to the rabble, and, besides, a low politician, who desires to leave a door open to me and to stand well with the
of his party.
p. 11
American Jingoism and Nationalism
The 1890s was a period of hard times at home. There was a depression in 1893, and Social Darwinism (scientific racism)
promoted ideas of racial superiority
Here's that word again...
The Spanish Ambassador’s insult of President McKinley as a cheap, crooked politician who only sought the admiration of the people, was seen as an insult of national honor.
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