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FT US Election's Map Reviz Process in Alteryx

No description

Niccolò Cirone

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of FT US Election's Map Reviz Process in Alteryx

This part of the workflow join the shapefiles of U.S.,
with the number of electors for each State.
This tool generates the centroid points for each State.
This part creates trade areas of an increasing radius from the centroids. Number of areas depends of how many points we need to show per State, i.e. the number of voters.
Then the areas are reduced to points, and unioned together

If State has more than 4 voters, we need least two areas, etc.
Aaska and Hawaii need more space because they will be visualized on their own in Tableau.
The last part gets rid of the un-needed points for each state, and join each State with the relevant elections' result.
This tool creates the first Trade Area, for all the centroids.
Other trade areas are created at a wider radius, depending on the number of points to plot.
Trade areas are then split into points...
...as alteryx creates a circle of 48 points, it's easy to scrape only the dots needed for the plot...
...and finally the trade areas are unioned together.
To get a point per voter for each State, a record ID is assigned to the points, and the ones with ID>number of votes are filtered out.
Maine split the vote, so one of the points must go to Trump.
This is the @alteryx process behind this @tableau dashboard: http://tabsoft.co/2fFai6L
Data and original Viz: @FTdata
alteryx module and tableau ReViz: @nicco_cirone
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