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Why invest in pisa

Invest in intelligence

Sintesi Pisa

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Why invest in pisa

The economic fabric
Galileo Galilei
Invest in intelligence

I am happy to tell my story if it can help to understand the possibilities that this city offers. I was born in ’64, on the 15th of February in Pisa, the first of seven children. My father was a wandering musician, my mother was a housewife, severe and religious. I was never religious – I even contrasted the Church – until I became older and was obliged to change my mind.
I was quite a good student, but when I tried to support myself with a scholarship I failed. Thanks to the long-sightedness of a businessman who believed in young people and innovation, I managed to continue studying. Even though I was good at Physics and Maths, my father wanted me to study Medicine. After many years I can now say that I didn’t like it and never obtained my degree.
In spite of this, and even because of certain things I had invented in the meantime, I obtained a three-year contract when I was 25 and began teaching at Pisa University.
I wasn’t exactly a normal teacher and I said many things that the academicians found hard to swallow. They could not even accept the fact that I refused to wear the toga as I taught. Among my publications of that time, you will find a small book that tries to explain my reasons.
The episode that changed my life happened in Pisa. I was visiting the Dome, and I saw the great light in the nave (now replaced but it was there) swing while it was being cleaned. This brought the idea that was central to my subsequent studies.
What happened after is history. It was not always easy to disclose my studies and support my ideas, but my city gave me many instruments, many hints and great courage – the courage to always experiment – which allowed me to do everything I did. I think that if I had been born elsewhere, it would not have happened. Pisa is a perfect place for understanding, doing research and investing. In particular for young people, who I advise to do what another irregular person without a degree (just like me) said: “Feel madness, feel hunger”.

Galileo Galilei*

*The text, apocryphal, is freely based on the biography of Galileo.
Six good
reasons to
invest here

Pisa and its context

Let us look around

Pisa has an ideal dimension and a focal position. It hosts a large number of multinational companies, with a special propensity for those which operate in the field of research and innovation. It boasts an excellent quality of life

Pisa can boast a quality of life acknowledged worldwide, which enables companies to attract or retain key skills.
It has the sea, the mountain and a lot of green; it has an ideal dimension, a very mild weather.
“If a paradise existed, I wish it would be like this city”, thus did the dear departed Keith Haring (the last of many guests of a city which has turned welcoming reception into its hallmark) define Pisa. A unique heritage of art and history which also offers a thousand chances for amusements and encounters.

The quality of life
Besides Galileo Galilei
Enrico Fermi, Nobel Prize for physics (1938)
CEP (Pisa’s Electronic Calculator), the first Italian Electronic Calculator (1957-1961)
1st degree course in IT technology in Italy (1969)
Enrico Bombieri, Medaglia Fields (1974)
Carlo Rubbia, Nobel Prize for physics (1984)
Ennio de Giorgi, Wolf Prize (1990)
Guido Tonelli, Fundamental Physics Prize (2012)
A city rich in genius
Pisa has a central position within the Mediterranean, which over time has made it a centre of exchange and communication with the Mediterranean and the ports of Europe.
Skills and talents

A campus as large as a city
Pisa’s university is one of the oldest in Italy. Today it has three campuses, two of which are Schools of excellence.
It hosts, among others, one of the most important seats of the National Research Council (CNR).
It is, among Italian cities, the one which has, by far, the highest number of students, structures, labs, professors and researchers, proportionately to the resident population.

Operating costs

The vocation to innovate, and thereby save
The cost of work in Tuscany is the lowest among the regions of Italy’s centre-north, the costs of office rentals are nearly onequarter of those in Rome and Milan.
Offices of every size, equipped according to very high standards, are either ready or underway.
Two complementary international airports, a railway network of the highest importance, three highways and one freeway, one port, one freight terminal.
Pisa’s infrastructures make it easily accessible from every side by every means.
All the roads lead to Pisa
Accessibility and
Support services
What is needed to grow
All the necessary services. Environment, logistics, information, facilitations and assistance for the best reception of companies which will choose to invest here.
Fertile ground for innovation
Pisa’s area boasts a rich presence of manufacturing industries brimful of quality and history (the legendary Vespa was born here). It is Tuscany’s number one in province in terms of number of ITC companies. Many were born here, others have chosen it as their natural and functional seat due to the opportunities it offers.
MUNICIPALITY OF PISA Office S.U.A.P. e Marketing Piazza dei Facchini, 16 - 56100 PISA Tel 050 910358/469/549 whyinvestinpisa@comune.pisa.it www.comune.pisa.it/whyinvestinpisa
Invest in Tuscany is the program promoted by the Region of Tuscany, in collaboration with its dedicated Economic Development Agency, Toscana Promozione, to assist investors in the setting-up and the expansion of their operations in Tuscany.
Invest in Tuscany provides a comprehensive support to foreign investors establishing businesses or planning equity investments in Tuscany.
It assists investors in creating and developing networks with Tuscan partners and facilitates the relations with the local authorities and public and private institutions.
The Tuscan Region (Investment Attraction Sector) coordinates activities of investment promotion and investor assistance and supports enterprises interested in making direct investments.
Toscana Promozione performs international promotion activities and offers expert consulting services in support of decisions to locate investment projects in Tuscany. Tuscany’s Provincial and Municipal Administrations offer a service of assistance connected with the local area and with harnessing their own points of excellence and locations, emphasising their advantages and skills.
We wish to thank, for their beneficial collaboration to the drawing up of the present presentation:
Società OCO Global (Ing. Laurent Sansoucy)
Agenzia Sintesi
Università di Pisa (Prorettore Paolo Ferragina, Prof.ssa Giovanna Mariani, Prof. Gualtiero Fantoni)
Scuola Sant’Anna (Prorettore Andrea Piccaluga e Prof. Paolo Dario)

We wish to thank for the contributions they offered:
Scuola Normale
Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare (Direttore Giovanni Batignani)
Centro Nazionale Ricerche (Prof. Domenico La Forenza e Prof. Piero Salvadori)
Azienda ospedaliera Pisana
Polo Tecnologico Navacchio
Prof. Guido Tonelli – testimonial
Q-R Quadro
Jos Tecnology
Biocare Provider
Source International
Net result
INVEST IN TUSCANY Regione Toscana Investment Attraction Sector P.zza Duomo, 10 – 50123 Firenze Tel 055 4382425/5033/4896 info@investintuscany.com www.investintuscany.com
TOSCANA PROMOZIONE Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 62-64 50134 Firenze Tel 055 462801 info@toscanapromozione.it www.toscanapromozione.it
basic research and creation of new knowledge
Mission of Pisa’s university system:
constant interaction with the world of companies, so as to valorize and transfer the research results
training and qualification of the human resourc
Knowledge factory
Technology transfer factory
Human capital factory
Three universities and several talents
In Pisa there are three high-level university education Institutions which collaborate with one another in terms of both lecturers and services.
Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU, Shanghai Jiao Tong University), QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings...
Training & Research
Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU, Shanghai Jiao Tong University), QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings..
Research & partnership
Percentage of Scuola Sant’Anna active patents
Percentage active Spin-off of Scuola Sant’Anna
Pisa is a competitive localization in terms of operating costs
Pisa’s "Galileo Galilei" airport, the top airport in Tuscany and among the top 10 airports in Italy in terms of passenger traffic (only 1,5 km away from the city)
• 4.683.811 passengers (2014 – a rise of 4,6%)
• regular flights to the main Italian and European
-London, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam,
Charleroi, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia,
Dublin, Istanbul...
-Rome, Cagliari, Palermo, Catania, Bari...
• seasonal flights to New York (USA) and many
other European cities
• closeness to the city center, railway connection
with Pisa’s station
Flights connections
Pisa is a 5 hour drive (by truck>12T) from the other major Italian cities: Milan, Turin, Venice, Bologna and Rome Pisa benefits in fact from an excellent highway network:
– North-South highways: A12-E80 Genoa-Livorno (+
Civitavecchia-Rome) and A15-E33 La Spezia-
Parma + A1-E35 Parma-Milan
– East-West airway: A11-E76 Pisa-Florence Pisa’s
airport boasts a Cargo Village for air freight
– with a handling capacity of 30 000T, 4 200
square meters of warehouses, 6.950 square
meters of handling/car parking service areas by
the airside and 7.300 square meters of a
handling/car parking service area by the land-side
Pisa is located near 2 of the top 6 Italian ports:
– Livorno’s Port (the 6th Italian port), 25 km from
Pisa, Genova’s Port (the 2nd Italian port), 165 km
Accessibility goods
Main station right in the city centre.
Direct connections with other cities in Tuscany and Italy Florence (1h/1h15 min), Livorno (15/20 min)...
Rome (2h30/2h50) , Genoa (1h45/2h15), Turin (4h00/4h15)...
Connections through high-speed trains with Milan (3h10/3h20), Bologna, Venice, Rome, Naples... – via Florence
Railway network
– North-South highways:
• A12-E80 Genoa-Pisa-Livorno + Civitavecchia-
• A15-E33 La-Spezia-Parma + A1-E35 Parma-Milan
– East-West highway :
• A11-E76 – Pisa-Florence
Highway network
The Inland Navigation System
The system of inland water with Navicelli canal will connect Pisa with the Porto of Livorno.
• A width of 16.5 km
• A surface of 31.60 m
The Inland Navigation System
Infrastructures WiFi
The city of Pisa invests in smart technologies for the sake of a significant reduction in the emission of CO2:
• People Mover which from 2015 will ensure a fast
connection between airport and station, thereby
facilitating the tourist and business flow from
and to the airport
• E-Mobility, the capillary infrastructure for
electric cars
• Bike Sharing
• Info-mobility boasting traffic detectors and
panels for car drivers
Also underway are the Car Sharing and Electric Busvia Route projects which will take one from the station to Cisanello Hospital and which can count on a network of power stations for the utilization of electrical cars
Besides the municipal wi-fi infrastructure, the whole city of Pisa is equipped with optical fibre, and most of it with ultrafast fibre
Pisa, the top Tuscan Province for numerous companies in ICT, has seen the birth of and has attracted many leading Italian and International companies in the various segments of ICT
• Software:
– Acta, Apparound, Aspen Technology, Insurance Online, ION Trading, List Group, PC System…
• Digital content & media:
– Biobeats, Italiaoline, Tiscali - istella, Synthema…
• Electronics/Microelectronics:
– AMS, Dialog Semiconductor, Ericsson, Maxim Integrated
• Consultancy services in Technology and Information Technology
– Altran, Aruba, Exis, Extra, Sysdat.it , Tea Sistemi, Team Duemila, TD Group…
ICT Sector
• Altran (technology consulting & outsourced research)
• Apparound (software - CPQ/Configure, price & quote)
• Aspen Technology (software for process industries)
• AMS/Austriamicrosystems (microelectronics - sensors)
• Dialog Semiconductor (microelectronics - semi
• Ericsson (Electronics - photonics)
• Italiaonline/Libero (digital media)
• ION Trading (software - fintech)
• Maxim Integrated (microelectronics - semiconductors) • Unique Lights (electronics - LED)
• Vodafone (telecommunications)
ICT - Foreign Companies
• Aruba - Exentrica (computer services - security)
• Extra (computer services)
• Sysdat.it (consultancy, IT services and solutions)
• TD Group (computer services)
• Exis (computer services for Oil & Gas)
• Tea Sistemi (engineering & software for Oil & Gas)
• Insurance Online (software - fintech)
• List (software - fintech)
• PC System (enterprise management software)
• Synthema (computational linguistics)
• Tiscali (digital media - search engine “istella")
• Acta (software - industrial and nuclear security)
• BioBeats (digital media - e-health)
• Erre Quadro (software - IP)
• IngeniArs (software and electronics - space, telemedicine, vehicles, energy)
• Kiunsys (software and electronics - mobility/ Smart City)
• NetResults (telecommunications - components/ network equipment)
• Witech (telecommunications - wireless)
• QB Robotics (robotics - Natural Motion™ engines)
• Marwan Technology (optics - laser)
• PlasmaTech (optics - laser)
• JOS Technology (electrical systems)
ICT – Italian Companies/Start-ups
ICT Cluster
Tuscany has the F.O.R.T.I.S. "Technological District", which is an organisation of clusters in the ICT & Electronics sectors: – Photonics, Optoelectronics, Robotics, Telecommunications, ICT and Space. It brings together more than 700 companies - representing 27,000 employees - and the University system and research. The cluster is supported by the Regione Toscana.

The Pisa area represents an important productive pole in Tuscany’s economy, second only to that of Florence Pisa has witnessed the creation of, and has attracted, several leading Italian and international companies across the different Life Sciences segments, such as: Guidotti (Menarini group), Abiogen Pharma, Farmigea, Laboratori Baldacci... Baxter (USA), Octapharma (Svizzera) Pisa currently boasts around 40 companies and more than 850 jobsin activities associated with the Chemical-Pharmaceutical and Biomedical fields Most of these companies carry out in Pisa activities focused on the production, research and development functions
Life Sciences
Leading companies
• Baxter (human albumin)
• Octapharma (plasma)
• Guidotti – Menarini group (cardiology e diabetics)
• Abiogen Pharma (Primary Care and rare diseases)
• Farmigea (ophtalmology)
• Baldacci Labs (drugs, medical devices, food supplements)
• Pharmanutra (nutraceutical)
• Gensan (nutraceutical)
• Regulatory Pharma Net
Life Sciences - Companies
Dynamic and diversified territory where traditional companies and innovative ones coexist.
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